Fitness Trainer Qimmah Russo Does Workout Video On Busy Highway Overlooking The Mountains

Fitness trainer Qimmah Russo wowed her 1.5 million Instagram followers with her recent video post. In the clip, she was working out alongside a highway with a magnificent backdrop.

With many still in lockdown due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the fitness trainer decided to head outside for her latest video.

"I came outside for a workout today," Qimmah said in the four-minute clip.

While she was glad to be outside, she also lamented that she should have checked the weather forecast as it was particularly hot that day. This didn't dampen her enthusiasm, nor did it stop Qimmah, and she continued on with the workout she had planned.

Positioned safely to the side of a busy highway, the trainer lifted weights and brought attention to the phenomenal landscape. Standing to one side of her car, Qimmah commented on the view before the camera panned out to reveal the stunning mountains that surrounded her.

Qimmah chose to wear a pale blue crop top and crisp white leggings, with matching runners. The trainer's dark curly hair was pulled back from her face, and she wore minimal makeup.

Prior to starting the workout, Qimmah discussed how important it was during the pandemic that people focused on their mental health as well as their physical body.

At the beginning of the clip, many cars sped past and there was plenty of encouragement from those driving. This got her enthusiastic about starting the workout. Using two circular weights, Qimmah did some weight training that included various squats as well as lifting.

As soon as Qimmah posted the video, her followers were quick to respond. Within five hours, it had gathered 22,500 likes and plenty of comments.

"Very Beautiful," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"Good video. More like this PLEASE!!" a fan said, obviously impressed with the workout video.

"Stay safe beautiful," said yet another in reference to the busy highway.

"You're so fine. I don't think I'll ever stop following you," another person wrote, also using several emoji to give further emphasis to their comment.

In fact, some of her followers simply used emoji to convey how they felt about the video. Many used the muscly arm emoji because it was a workout video involving lifting weights. However, other popular ones included fire, heart-eyed, and 100 emoji.

Qimmah regularly posts workout videos for her Instagram followers to enjoy. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she shared a "booty workout" video recently that wowed all of her supporters.