'RHOA' Star Cynthia Bailey & Her Fiance, Mike Hill, Admit Quarantining Together Feels Like A 'Prison Sentence'

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill have revealed that their decision to quarantine together hasn't been exactly what they expected.

While the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and the Fox Sports news anchor are planning to get married in October, they both shared that the lengthy lockdown is testing their relationship. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Bailey and Hill lived on separate coasts. Since Bailey decided to isolate with Hill in Los Angeles, they've been seeing one another every day for the past few weeks.

The couple chatted with TMZ Live and opened up about the extra time they get to spend together. Bailey shared that they've had "good" and "bad" times since they decided to live under the same roof. Hill then added to the conversation and said both he and his fiancee feel stifled on certain days.

"Some days we feel like we're totally in love, some days we feel like we're in a prison sentence," Hill admitted.

After telling the outlet he sometimes feels trapped at home, Hill joked and said the couple is enjoying one perk of prison life. He said Bailey has had her fair share of "conjugal visits" since the quarantine began. For those who aren't familiar, conjugal visits allow prisoners to engage in sexual activities with their spouses while behind bars.

Although both Bailey and Hill's quarantine experience has had its challenges, they confirmed that their wedding is still happening. They're still hoping to keep their October 10, 2020, date, but Bailey admitted she's not sure if that date will remain.

Even though Georgia reopened its businesses to the public, Bailey said that she and Hill are aware that the state could face a "second wave" of the virus before their wedding date. If they have to push the date back, though, Bailey said she's not worried about them being financially ruined by the cancellation.

"We still have everything in place," Bailey confirmed. "I think if we did have to postpone it, I would imagine — and I'll say this on TMZ — I would imagine that we would be able to have our deposit forwarded to when we could actually do it."

Bailey and Hill got engaged in July of 2019 after one year together. At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Bailey said there was a possibility that her wedding to Hill would be postponed. In addition to her wedding being in jeopardy, the former model revealed earlier this week that she's also unsure of her future on RHOA.

She shared that there's a possibility she might be joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, which would allow Bailey to live with her soon-to-be husband in Los Angeles full time.