Melly Sanchez Lip-Syncs To Iggy Azalea And Shows Off Makeup In New Instagram Video

Thousands of Melly Sanchez fans might have Iggy Azalea's song "Kream" stuck in their heads right now. The beauty guru — known on Instagram as @thefashionfreakk — posted a video of herself lip-syncing to some of the opening bars of the Tyga-featuring song, with lyrics like "P*ssy in your face, that'll put you in your place."

However, the true appeal of this video was in the visuals, as Melly put on her makeup. The clip runs for about 12 seconds, and fans will likely want to loop it multiple times, just to see her put it on again and again.

Melly's complete makeup application wasn't shown, however. The clip started with her makeup-free face — including her microbladed eyebrows — before jump-cutting to her with a full base. The camera then panned across her palette, Norvina Vol. 4, by Anastasia Beverly Hills. On the crease of her eye, Melly applied a lighter, softer pink from the palette before using a darker pink on her eyelid. The blend of the two colors was captivating enough. However, it's what she did with the shape that brought it home.

Melly used another Anatasia Beverly Hills product — Norvina Electric Cake Liners — on her eyes, She used electric pink liner to lengthen her crease lines and on her lower lash lines. The final product made her eyes stand out in the best way possible. It's no wonder she mentioned her eyes first in the caption, followed by shouting out Anatasia Beverly Hills and Norvina.

Warning: Video contains language that may be offensive to some viewers.

Another jump cut showed she put on false lashes, helping to create a strong contrast to the pink on and around her eyes. Her lips weren't neglected either, as she appeared to coat them in the liner. Then, something quite stunning happened.

In the next jump cut, some lights were out, but the scene is still quite lit. That's because her palette and liner glowed in the dark. Her lips and eyes looked absolutely radiant with the lights out. This was a makeup job that looked great in both settings.

Melly's fans voiced plenty of love toward her in the comments.

"Love u," said one user, followed by heart emoji.

"Wooow stunning," said another, with a fire emoji after.

"You are so talented! You are one of my favorite MUA!" another exclaimed.

"This look is everything," a user said, with two heart-eye emoji.

So far, Melly's latest video post has received more than 38,000 likes from her 1.7 million followers. It has also received more than 250 comments.