Donald Trump Seen Wearing A Mask For Possibly The First Time And Pundits React

Donald Trump was seen wearing a mask at the behest of plant management while touring a Ford facility in Michigan on Thursday. The president has not been seen in public wearing a mask at any of his events despite the COVID-19 pandemic and was frequently surrounded by individuals closer than the recommended six feet away.

Trump did not wear the mask for his entire visit inside the plant, as many thought he should. He told reporters that he wore it in an area where he was requested to put it on, but chose not to wear it for the press.

Trump was seen at a distance by those in attendance wearing a navy blue face covering which bore the presidential seal. He did not, however, wear it out to speak to the press after the tour portion of his visit to the facility.

Trump's policy of not taking the same precautions that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended in order to control the spread of the illness has caused frustration among many of his critics.

The president cited his multiple negative tests, as well as those administered to his staff, as assurance enough that they are not spreading the unwanted virus when traveling.

However, conservative pundit Caleb Hull pointed out that despite Trump's acquiescence to the plant management's request to wear the mask, many still seem frustrated with his actions.

CNN reported that per Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, Trump sent "the worst possible message" by going maskless on camera during part of his tour of the plant. The Inquisitr reported just hours before the scheduled visit that Nessel was considering legal action against any company that allows the president to tour their facility without wearing personal protective equipment.

Nessel echoed a similar sentiment after the tour on Thursday when she told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room that she is "ashamed to have [Trump] be President of the United States of America."

"And I hope that the voters of Michigan will remember this when November comes, that he didn't care enough about their safety, he didn't care about their welfare, he didn't respect them enough just to engage in the very simple task, the painless task, the easy task of wearing a mask when he was provided one."
It's unclear at this point, however, if the partial adherence to the mask rule would appease Trump's critics.