Australian Babe Steph Rayner Relaxes With A Book In A Black Bikini: 'Tan. Sleep. Read. Repeat.'

Steph Rayner flaunted her incredible figure to her 556,000 Instagram followers on Thursday afternoon by sharing a stunning shot of herself relaxing in a black bikini.

In the pic, she perched on the edge of what appeared to be a wrought iron chair. She held a book in her lap but did not indicate its title—something resembling a bookmark dangled between her thighs.

Rayner's chair sat on what looked like a second-story balcony or a porch. A white railing designed similarly to her chair stretched out in front of her. She did not indicate the location of her photo but it seemed like it may have been taken at her home. Fields of green smattered with various bushes and trees could be seen beyond the balcony railing.

Per her caption, Rayner was enjoying a short nap when her picture was taken, as she wrote that she was alternating between tanning, napping, and reading.

Since she was sunbathing, it was fitting that Rayner wore a black bikini while reading outside. Her swimsuit flattered her trim figure and showcased her ample cleavage and chiseled abdomen. Her high-cut bottoms revealed the swell of her rear and her toned thighs.

Stretching her long legs out in front of her, the model settled her book in her lap with her hands loosely hooked beneath it to keep it from falling. She angled her face toward the sun to allow her sharp facial features to catch the natural light.

It looked like Rayner may have been wearing a light application of makeup, including lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, and brow liner. Her wavy dark hair cascaded down her back, tumbling over the chair frame.

Rayner's fans seemed to appreciate the new upload. It quickly racked up over 16,800 likes and more than 160 comments. Dozens of people took to her comments section to compliment her. A few fans wanted to know what fitness routine she used to keep herself in such good physical shape. Additionally, at least one person thought she looked like Megan Fox.

"The way my jaw just dropped this is flawless," one Instagram user gushed.

"Whatever you are doing is working as you are stunning," wrote another admirer, emphasizing their point with a flame emoji.

"This will be me all 3 days of memorial weekend," said a third person alongside several emoji.

Several users wanted to know what she was reading.

"Whats the name of the book, that keeps up with your good mood???" a fourth contributor asked.

Yesterday, Rayner shared a triple-photo update that showed her rocking a strawberry-colored athleticwear set.