Bella Hadid Showcases Major Underboob In An Emerald Green Bikini

Bella Hadid stunned in a three-photo Instagram slideshow that she shared on Thursday, May 21. The runway model posed in a teeny green bikini that showed off some serious skin.

Bella wore a deep green, bandeau top with a gold circle at the décolletage that held each cup together. She came close to spilling out of the swimsuit top as she put her cleavage and underboob on full display. She showed off her tanned and taut stomach, which appeared even more sculpted due to her perfect posture. Meanwhile, her bathing suit bottoms rode high on her hips.

In the first photo, Bella held out one arm as far away as possible in order to capture as close to a full-body shot as she could. She looked off into the distance in the photo, which was taken from below. She sat up straight, leaving her midriff fully exposed.

In the second snapshot, Bella looked directly at the camera. The corners of her mouth turned upward, and she broke out into a close-lipped smile. She tilted her head to the side and rested one hand on the back of her neck, revealing that she was wearing a gold watch on her wrist.

Bella seemed to be soaking up the sun's rays in the third image. She tilted her head upwards and closed her eyes, flashing the same serene smile. She rested her head on her chin with her fingers touching her cheek as the strings of her bikini bottoms fell down her hips.

The supermodel wore her brunette locks in an updo, with her bangs swept across her forehead.

Though she did not tag the location of the images, it appeared to be a beautiful day where she was located. Fluffy white clouds dotted the blue sky. A tree and other green bushes were planted in the background, matching the model's two-piece.

Bella's ardent fans flocked to the comments section in droves, eager to tell her how much they admired her latest photos. Some followers chose to comment on her overall beauty.

"Wow a whole goddess," gushed one fan.

"You are a beautiful angel," added another social media user, punctuating their comment with a sparkling pink heart.

Others commented specifically on the shade of her swimsuit.

"Yesss Bella green is DEFINITELY your color," wrote a third person.

"Green queen," shared a fourth follower.

At the time of this writing, the Instagram set racked up over half a million likes and more than 900 comments in just 45 minutes.