Latina Bombshell Eriana Blanco Heats Up Instagram In Sparkly Bikini

Eriana Blanco teased her 2.8 million Instagram followers on Thursday, May 21, with her most recent update. The Latina bombshell posted a picture in which she rocked a stylish bikini that showed off her signature curves and hourglass figure.

Blanco was captured on what appeared to be a balcony in front of glass doors. Their surfaces were reflective, allowing the viewers to also get a glimpse of Blanco's backside. She faced the photographer straight-on as she glanced at the lens with fierce eyes and pouted lips. She propped up one leg, activating the muscles of her lower body.

Blanco stunned in a fashionable two-piece bathing suit that included small rhinestones embellished against a black fabric. She wore a pair of U-shaped bottoms, which she wore pulled up high on her sides. This design helped to accentuate Blanco's hourglass figure by baring her hips and highlighting her itty-bitty waist.

Up top, she sported a matching bra with small triangles that showed off her ample cleavage. The top included thin straps that tied behind her neck. On the bodice, the rhinestones were arranged in such a way that added a stylish design and pattern. The bikini was from Fashion Nova, as Blanco revealed in her caption.

Blanco wore her brunette hair parted in the middle and styled down. Her perfectly straight strands fell onto her back and over her right shoulder, coming to a rest on her chest. She also appeared to be wearing dark eye makeup for a glam smoky eye, which she seemingly completed with nude lipstick.

Within the first two hours, the photo has garnered more than 17,700 likes and over 420 comments, proving to be popular with her fans. Instagram users took to the comments section to rave about her beauty and to compliment her on her aesthetics.

"Love this one angel," one user wrote.

"[You're] probably one of the most fine woman in the world," replied another one of her fans.

"Jesus, Mary and holy saint Joseph," a third fan exclaimed.

"You're look so cute [three heart-eyes emoji] God bless you," chimed in a fourth admirer.

Blanco has been spicing things up this week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she took to the popular social media app earlier this week to post yet another image that left little to the imagination. She wore an all-black set that included a bra with seemingly sturdy cups that pushed against her chest. It had black lace over a nude under layer, creating a patterned design. Her matching bottoms attached to a garter belt that wrapped around her midsection.