Donald Trump Plans To 'Cheat Like Crazy' To Win Re-Election, Writer Says

In a Thursday piece for Salon, writer Amanda Marcotte claimed that Donald Trump is planning to "cheat like crazy" to win re-election in 2020.

Marcotte pointed to Trump's declining popularity in recent polling that puts him significantly behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. She also noted Trump's attempt to secure investigations ⁠— or at least the announcement of inquiries ⁠— into the former vice president from Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. While Marcotte said the president was impeached for his attempts to "paint Biden as corrupt," she argued that he is far from done trying to "rig some kind of victory."

The 42-year-old writer cited the recent push for mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic and Trump's latest attacks on such plans, which he equates with rigging the election.

"He's particularly sweating the possibility that voters in swing states will be able to vote by mail in large numbers, since he knows his best chance of winning those states lies in making sure that as few people vote as possible."
Trump went so far as to take to Twitter to threaten to withhold federal funds from Nevada and Michigan if they moved forward with expanding their vote-by-mail programs, equating the process to cheating. Marcotte pointed out that such efforts mirror the president's attempt to pressure Zelensky into doing his political bidding.
"Not only are these tweets an effort to blackmail the states, but they are also a direct effort to scare ordinary citizens out of voting."
The parallel was also noted by Rolling Stone's Ryan Bort, who suggested that the Senate Republicans who acquitted Trump paved the way for his current behavior.
Marcotte equated Trump's tweets to voter intimidation — a federal offense — and claimed he is attempting to create the perception that Americans who submit their ballot by mail could face prosecution. However, since a sitting president cannot be prosecuted, the writer predicted that Trump's alleged cheating will go unpunished.

"He does it right out in the open, on Twitter, and will only continue to escalate these threats if there are no real consequences," she concluded, before suggesting a second impeachment may be the only way to protect the integrity of the November elections.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, House Democrats are allegedly considering the possibility of impeaching Trump again. A recent court filing revealed that the House Judiciary Committee is attempting to secure documents from Robert Mueller's investigation that are held by the Supreme Court. Reports suggest that Democratic lawmakers hope to examine such documents for evidence of new impeachable offenses.