WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Reportedly Sees 'Monday Night Raw' Superstar As Long-Term Main Eventer

Drew McIntyre defied the odds at this year's WrestleMania when he defeated Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship in the main event. Beating Lesnar is a big deal for any superstar, and the honor isn't given to anyone. However, the company took a chance with McIntyre, and officials are reportedly happy with how he's risen to the challenge.

According to a report from WrestleTalk, WWE chairman Vince McMahon and other officials view the Scottish superstar as a main event fixture for years to come. The report stated that McIntyre's in-ring work and promo skills have impressed the most important people backstage, and the company's officials are also thrilled with the way in which he has conducted himself in front of the media. He's regarded as a good ambassador for the company, which goes a long way in WWE.

It is also believed that McIntyre's current title reign will be one of many for the superstar. According to WrestleTalk's sources, McIntyre's reign won't be anything like those of Finn Balor and Jinder Mahal. Those superstars were NXT call-ups or mid-carders whom the company took a chance on in the past, only to abandon their pushes after their title runs didn't go according to plan.

At the time of this writing, McIntyre has been booked as a dominant babyface champion, which is rare in WWE these days. With the exception of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, who tend to be polarizing figures, heels have held most of the World Championships in recent years. McIntyre, meanwhile, has stepped into the main event slot as a babyface because the fans wanted to see him get an opportunity.

McIntyre's redemption story has impressed WWE officials as well. When the superstar originally joined the company in 2009, he was tipped to be the next big thing. However, he was released in 2014 after falling down the card and failing to realize his potential.

McIntyre returned to the company in 2017 with a new hunger and determination to succeed, and he's been on the rise ever since. As The Inquisitr previously reported, his title victory was a reward for his hard work, and he previously shared some news about how McMahon and Triple H reacted to his WrestleMania victory.

"I think for Vince and Hunter themselves, they were just very happy to see that I have finally kind of grown up and realized the potential they had seen in me all those years ago."
It remains to be seen if McIntyre will be a main event star for years to come, but for now, he appears to be held in very high regard by WWE's most important figureheads.