Abby Rao's Tight Body Titillates In Navy Blue Bikini

Abby Rao has the means and knowhow to rock a photo frame like an Instagram goddess. This was proven by the photo slideshow she uploaded to the platform on May 21 for her nearly 2 million followers to admire.

Despite how her assets largely remained covered throughout the pictorial, the model and Clubhouse Beverly Hills co-founder nonetheless managed to provide the sizzle factor with both of the pictures included in the upload. Without question, she had served up another helping of Instagram gold as she posed in a navy blue bikini.

​In the first shot, Rao was seated with her tight derriere resting on a step. With her arms flared out behind her and her hands resting palms down on the step, she contorted her body slightly upward and toward the sun as she seemingly basked in its warm rays. With her straight blond locks sweeping down over her shoulders, she notched her head to one side.

Rao's expression appeared to be almost sleepy as she soaked in the sun with her eyes closed and her full, pouty lips parted slightly in the middle. Meanwhile, her dark-colored swim set conformed perfectly to her tight body.

That snapshot was followed by one where Rao maintained a seated pose, which continued to spotlight her sinuous figure. However, in this image, the 22-year-old TikTok star moved her head downward, seemingly looking at her own bust. She also grasped the bottom part of her top, pulling it upward and revealing even more of her midriff.

As of this writing, Rao's post has been a hit on Instagram, inspiring more than 60,000 users to hit the like button. Hundreds more offered comments on the spread and praised the model for her looks.

"You're a living Barbie doll," wrote one admirer.

"Looking great...need that Zoom blind date soon," commented another, likely reflecting a wish shared by many.

"Gorgeous and beautiful like always," opined another commenter.

"Stop being so pretty," pleaded one fan.

Rao continues to heat up screens on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers alike with her snapshots. As reported by The Inquisitr on May 16, she recently shared a particularly cheeky picture that featured her pert backside in a white thong bikini. In the caption, she stated that she wanted to give us "images that last."

Rest assured, her most recent image is one that will continue to make an impact on her fans for some time to come.