'The Challenge': Jordan Wiseley Talks About Unexpected Injury And Elimination

After being eliminated from this season of MTV's The Challenge: Total Madness, Jordan Wiseley is opening up about his unexpected injury and the David vs. Goliath showdown he faced, according to a report from MTV News.

Wiseley entered the bunker as the reigning champion after earning three consecutive Challenge titles on Battle of the Exes 2, Dirty XXX, and War of the Worlds 2. Unfortunately for him, his reign was cut short after an unfair matchup in an elimination challenge that required the use of two hands. As fans of the reality star know, Wiseley only has one fully formed hand, but he has always treated his disability as an asset rather than allowing it to hold him back.

During the elimination challenge, Wiseley faced off against Faysal Shafaat (aka Fessy), who was almost twice his size. While attempting to gain the upper hand against his opponent, Shafaat unintentionally threw his weight down on Wiseley, which resulted in an unexpected injury for the champ.

In an interview with MTV News, Wiseley reflected on the game and revealed the full scope of his shoulder injury.

"I can't sleep on my right side," he said. "I've been to two specialists because it's my right shoulder, and I don't have a left hand. I have no tissue damage; it's a grade two separation. Grade three would be surgery. Time will heal it."

Wiseley went on to say he was okay with losing because his head was no longer in the game after his fiancée, Tori Deal, was eliminated. However, he added that he was still disappointed at how the match unfolded.

"I always want to put on a good show," he confessed. "You had this David vs. Goliath situation and David doesn't even get out of the first round. Come on!"

After being sent home, he said he spent almost 18 hours in the hospital, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly.

Wiseley also reflected on his exit interview, during which he broke into tears as he encouraged other folks with disabilities. The champ said losing in The Challenge brought him back to the feelings he had his entire life of competing. He said his life as a single-digit kid was driven by competitive athletics, all the way through the collegiate level, and the doubts of those around him have served as fuel.

"So to have people, coaches, and opponents doubt me every time I step on a field or mat or track or anything, that fuels me."
It's not yet clear when Wiseley will return to the show, but he's already begun training for the next season of The Challenge.