Bella Thorne Flaunts Her Long Legs In Tempting Panty Pic

Bella Thorne, the former Disney Channel star, singer, director, and Instagram master, has proved time and time again that a girl doesn't have to show everything on social media in order to provide a bit of sizzle. On May 21, the 22-year-old showed off her legs with a tempting selfie that featured her striking visage in little more than a skimpy pair of panties and a semi-sheer top.

Thorne shared the sexy snapshot for all of her 23 million followers to enjoy on Instagram.

In the caption that accompanied the photo, Thorne posed a question for her fans, asking what percentage of her body were her legs. Regardless of the actual answer, there's no doubting that those legs 100-percent owned the shot in her latest post.

With one foot resting slightly behind the other and in an upward position, Thorne's legs criss-crossed slightly at the knees, adding extra emphasis to their length and the curves of her trim physique in the picture.

Just above her legs, a small, tight pair of black panties covered her unmentionables. Meanwhile, the Shake It Up star mischievously tugged at the bottom of her semi-sheer black shirt. As a result, her tight navel area was revealed before the camera.

While she took the picture with her phone, Thorne's brown hair with bleached-blond streaks draped messily down over her chest as she peered inquisitively at the screen. As she did so, her lips were parted slightly.

As Thorne's posts on Instagram typically do, her latest photo upload went viral on the platform in no time flat. Within 30 minutes of hitting Instagram, the post had notched nearly 300,000 likes, while more than 2,000 comments were left.

"69% percent," one fan joked, in response to the question Thorne posed with her caption. Elsewhere in the comment thread, 60 percent was seemingly the consensus regarding Thorne's leg-to-trunk ratio.

"Doesn't matter the percentage because whatever it is, it's the right one," commented another.

"You have the most sexy body in the world," opined a particularly smitten fan.

Although Thorne failed to survive until the end of the most recent season season of The Masked Singer, getting eliminated following just two performances, she's definitely won the genetic lottery if her post comments are any indication.

Of course, Thorne heating things up on Instagram has become something of a habit for her lately. As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Thorne thrilled her admirers when she went braless for a video post on May 8.