Savannah Prez Shows Off Chiseled Physique In Lime Green Sports Bra And Black Shorts For Ab Workout Video

Savannah Prez gave her fans a quads workout idea in the latest video series on her Instagram page.

The Belgian fitness model, known for her chiseled lower body, rocked a pair of black shorts that showed off her defined leg muscles. She paired the flattering workout shorts with a lime-green sports bra.

Savannah started the workout with a series of kneeling sissy squats. While in a kneeling position, she extended her arms in front of her and then leaned her torso until her glutes lined up with her heels.

In her caption, she recommended including 10 repetitions in each set.

Next she moved to forward long jumps and she squatted low each time she landed. Then Savannah jumped backward and squatted once more. Her caption suggested doing the exercise for 30 seconds.

In the third video of the series, Savannah tackled a set of Bulgarian split squats, but she added a variation to it. She placed one foot behind her on a metal rail and then bent both of her legs. After repeating the exercise once, she jumped with her back leg still on the rail. She recommended performing the combination 12 times.

The fourth and final clip of the series saw Savannah perform alternating pistol squats. For this exercise, she had to start in a standing position with her arms stretched in front of her chest. Then she extended one leg and bent the other to perform the pistol squat. After that, she quickly swapped the positions of both legs, extending the one that was bent previously. Her caption suggested doing the exercise until failure.

Savannah wrote that her legs felt sore while she recorded the video, and in the comments section, her fans seemed impressed by the apparent difficulty of the workout.

"I was doing these and I was like f that I'm not on Savannah's level," one person wrote before adding a crying laughing emoji to the comment.

"Omfg pistol squats will be the death of me," another person added.

"The last exercise is [fire emoji] I never can do that," a third Instagram user commented.

But others claimed to have done the workout and enjoyed it.

"Just done these and they hit the spot indeed," a fourth commenter wrote.

Savannah has posted several challenging home workouts on her Instagram page of late. In a previous workout that she called the "Full-Body Home Killer," she demonstrated a circuit that required 200 repetitions of various exercises. That post currently has over 17,000 likes on Instagram