Sofia Bevarly Looks Like A Bronze Bombshell In Floral Patterned Bikini

Sofia Bevarly delighted fans with her second consecutive bikini-clad photo in as many days. Yesterday, the model sizzled in a banana yellow swimsuit, and today she showed off her curves in a floral patterned bikini.

The photo captured the model posed inside of a room that was decorated with a few faux plants and a bed with crisp white linens. Under the piece of furniture sat a two-toned gray rug and a black nightstand right beside it. Sofia posed in profile and gazed over her shoulder with a half-smile and seductive stare. In her caption, the model reminded her fans to be kind. The Florida-born beauty tugged at the middle of her swimsuit and highlighted her bombshell curves in the sexy ensemble.

The model slipped into a sizzling set that was from popular online retailer Fashion Nova, as she indicated in the caption of the photo. Her top boasted a light blue hue with a green and pink floral pattern on its bodice that popped against her bronze glow. Its circular cups provided just enough coverage to meet Instagram's nudity standards while she showed massive cleavage for her audience.

Its matching bottoms were high-waisted and possessed a cheeky style that showed off her toned legs and a glimpse of her pert derriere. The garment also had a high waistband that rested on her navel and teased a glimpse of her taut tummy and toned abs. A set of thick fabric that matched her suit rested on her hips, tying in a knot in front of her bellybutton and helping to accentuate her hourglass curves.

Sofia matched the color of her nails to her swimsuit but did not add any additional accessories to her scandalous look. Her brunette tresses were worn down with loose beachy waves that spilled over her shoulders and between her cleavage. As far as glam, Sofia went for a natural look and appeared to have only a small amount of eyeliner and mascara as well as a dab of blush on her cheeks.

Fans were far from shy about showering the photo with love. In a matter of minutes, the picture earned over 7,000 likes and 90-plus comments from her 1.4 million fans. Most raved over her figure while others complimented her trendy bikini.

"Absolutely stunning! You should do more in this one," one follower commented.

"Oh em gee. Is that a two peace [sic] or does it wrap around?! If it wraps around count me in!!!" a second social media user commented on the photo.

"Beautiful and liking the curls," a second fan added, complimenting her hairstyle.