Anastasiya Kvitko Slays In Saucy Sleepwear & Teases Her Lovely Day

The "Russian Kim Kardashian" of Instagram, Anastasiya Kvitko, shared a new Bang Energy video on her social media page on Thursday, and her followers were quick to embrace it. This type of outfit isn't necessarily Kvitko's standard pick, but like nearly everything she wears, it was form-fitting and allowed her to flaunt her insane hourglass figure.

Kvitko frequently shares videos like this to promote the popular energy drink, and the clips always generate a lot of heat among her nearly 11 million followers. In this case, the Russian bombshell shared what seemed to be a few simple glimpses into her everyday life as she took sips of the drink.

Granted, in true Kvitko style, she did all of this while she flaunted her curves and emanated a sexy vibe. She wore her honey-blond hair loose, and it hung over her shoulders and down her back in casual waves. She was barefoot as she walked around, and she wore a rather skimpy set of sleepwear or loungewear.

The ensemble consisted of booty shorts and a tank top, both of which had horizontal stripes that appeared to be in light gray and pink colors. There were lace accents on both pieces that could be seen along Kvitko's upper thighs and the curves of her ample bosom.

In her caption, Kvitko teased that it was a lovely day and she noted that her lovely puppy was with her. She asked what could be better, and it looks as if her fans could not think there was much that could top this scenario.

The short video initially showed Kvitko kneeling on her couch. A second later, she strolled into the kitchen and popped open her Bang Energy drink.

The voluptuous Instagram model then was filmed from the side. She appeared to arch her back slightly as she took her first sip, a pose that certainly accentuated her curvy derriere. Kvitko's deep cleavage made an appearance as she took her first sip, and then she headed outdoors.

Kvitko scooped up her puppy and walked out to the patio where there were a pool and plenty of greenery all around her. During this portion of a video, she was filmed from behind, her booty shorts seemingly straining slightly to stay in place.

The video was viewed nearly 75,000 times in the first hour after she initially made it available. Almost 500 comments poured in, praising the Russian beauty's jaw-dropping curves.

"Omg you are perfection," noted one person.

"You are very, very stylish and beautiful," wrote a follower.

"You're a dream come true," praised another fan.

Kvitko can make even the most ordinary activities seem enticing and sexy, as this latest Instagram post clearly showed. Her fans never tire of these types of clips, and chances seem good that she'll have another one ready to share sooner rather than later.