Kayla Moody Gets Rubbed Down With Oil In Risqué Video

When it comes to uploading sexy content on social media, Kayla Moody is on a level all on her own. She regularly shares steamy photos and videos on Instagram that her fans love. On Thursday, the model outdid herself when she uploaded a sexy video that featured her getting rubbed down with suntan oil while wearing a bikini top that left little to the imagination.

The clip, which can be seen on her Instagram page, was a close-up shot of Kayla's chest. She appeared to be standing on a beach as sand and tall grass were visible behind her.

Kayla's bikini top had incredibly small, triangle-shaped cups. In fact, they were so tiny, that they hardly covered her nipples. They were blue with red trim and featured white stars on the front. The cups were spaced wide apart, exposing her cleavage. The video did not show her below the waist, so it was impossible to know what her bikini bottoms looked like.

The video began by showing Kayla with oil being sprayed on her chest. The person holding the can of spray remained unidentified. One hand held the bottle of oil and the other hand began rubbing her chest. Shortly after the clip began, a voice could be heard saying "slow motion," and the clip slowed down while the hand moved over and in between her breasts. After rubbing her breasts for a few seconds, the hand moved below the bikini top and smeared oil on her upper abdomen and side.

Kayla's head was tossed back. She smiled and pouted as the hand slid across her oily skin.

Needless to say, the post was an instant hit, with more than 12,000 of her followers hitting the like button within an hour of her sharing it.

In the caption, Kayla wrote that she was gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend and teased her followers by telling them that more titillating content was coming.

Dozens of fans flocked to the comments section, with many volunteering for the job. Other admirers gushed over the clip.

"Ummm I'd like to fill out an application for that position please," one Instagram user joked.

"I'm so upset I wasn't called to do this job," a second follower quipped.

"An absolutely stunning and beautiful young lady," wrote a third admirer.

"You're so hot and crazy," a fourth fan commented.

This is not the first time that Kayla has shared risqué content. Not too long ago, she posed in a shower while soaking wet and wearing the thinnest crop top and panties.