WWE Rumors: Update On Sting Possibly Going To AEW, Chris Jericho Drops Hint On 'Dynamite'

There have been plenty of rumors swirling around that WWE Hall of Famer Sting is heading to All Elite Wrestling. A new update full of speculation has things looking more likely that the legendary former champion will end up in AEW before too long. Fuel has undoubtedly been added to the fire by Chris Jericho, who dropped a subtle hint on Wednesday's Dynamite.

Fans have witnessed Jericho carrying around a bat in recent weeks, and he had it with him on this week's episode of Dynamite. Longtime wrestling fans know this is likely a subtle nod to Sting, who has carried around a bat ever since changing his gimmick in 1996.

Even though Sting medically retired from the ring years ago, he is still a well-known and profitable name. The Legends Contract that Sting had with WWE is no longer in place, and it seems as if he's free to appear for any promotion in the world that he chooses.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestle Talk, signs are pointing to Sting showing up in AEW soon. There has been no confirmation, and he doesn't have a signed contract in place, but the whispers are becoming too big to ignore.

Sting is someone who doesn't usually draw focus to something if he doesn't care about it. When Sting tweeted out about AEW, it led to a lot of speculation and confusion from fans on social media.

Meltzer stated that something has to be in the works since the rumors are so plentiful and Sting is watching AEW's product.
"If there was nothing to it, I'm sure they would say there's nothing to it. So I think there's something to it. If they already have a deal, they're going to announce it on their terms because sometimes they'll wait a couple of weeks. And if they don't have a deal, it's probably something they're at least contemplating."
No one truly knows if Sting will appear for AEW anytime soon, or even at Double or Nothing later this month. But even though nothing is locked in, Chris Jericho certainly did his best to fan the flames of speculation with his bat.
Sting had a total of four matches in WWE before injuries forced him out of the ring in late 2015. With his contract reportedly coming to an end, AEW certainly makes sense as a possible location for his next unexpected appearance.