Sophie Dee Looks Stunning Posed In Beautiful Lingerie On Bed

On May 21, Sophie Dee shared another gorgeous photo of herself. In the shot, the Welsh adult actress and model was posed on a bed, wearing a lacy lingerie set with an alluring design. Her pose added even more to the image, as did her quality makeup job.

Sophie's bra and panties were both silver and partially transparent. However, she was not fully exposed, as she has a floral print on both garments. The only other accessories seen on her were an earring in her left ear, a double bellybutton piercing, and a bracelet on her right arm.

She also wore a full face of makeup, including what looked like lip gloss and eyelash extensions. This helped draw attention to her face, even though she was looking away from the camera. Her eyes were directed away from the viewer — looking to the left of the frame — while much of her brunette hair with dirty blond highlights was draped over her right shoulder and breast. Her expression looked quite contemplative, making the viewer think about what could be on her mind.

This photo also showcased Sophie's flexibility. Her legs appeared to be folded behind her while her arms were nearly completely straight and in front of her. She had all her fingers at least partially visible and spread apart.

Sophie's comfort was likely helped by the bed she was posed on. Underneath her was a blue comforter that looked wonderfully soft. The full bed wasn't visible, but at least one pillow could be seen, as well as a very tall headboard.

In the caption, Sophie credited Jessica Zuniga for the makeup and Steven Bagley for the photography, using appropriate lipstick and camera emoji. There was no indication of when this photo was taken nor was there a geotag to indicate where she was.

She also invited responses in the comments, asking fans what they thought her eyes were directed to.

"Me," popular account "rap" said bluntly.

However, many just expressed their admiration for Sophie, letting their emoji do the talking.

Another model — Erica Fett — posted three emoji with heart eyes.

Fitness model Bianca Taylor posted one heart-eyed emoji.

"Excellent," one fan praised.

About an hour after upload, Sophie's photo received more than 19,000 likes and more than 500 comments.

This photo was another instance of Sophie showing off her beauty on Instagram this week. The Inquisitr has also highlighted her recent photos in green lingerie and a green, leopard-print bikini. Those photos have received more than 300,000 combined likes.