'General Hospital' Thursday' Spoilers: Sasha's Anxious Around Valentin & Nina's Indecisive About Nelle

Sasha Gilmore is struggling in the aftermath of her fake affair with Harrison Chase, her split with Michael Corinthos, and his marriage to Willow Tait on General Hospital. Spoilers hint that she is about to go down a very dark road, and the episode airing on Thursday, May 21, will show a bit of what's to come.

As fans know, Sasha is the one who initially suggested that Michael and Willow get married to bolster his custody case for Wiley against Nelle. She went along with the fake fling with Chase, and the plan worked as intended. Despite that, she's heartbroken to lose Michael and to see him married to Willow.

While she was preparing for a big shoot for Deception, the makeup artist offered her a pick-me-up. Typically, Sasha isn't one to use drugs. Unfortunately, it looks like she is probably going to start so she can dull the emotional pain she is feeling.

The sneak peek for Thursday's show posted on Twitter reveals that Sasha will cross paths with Valentin. He is, of course, a partner now in Deception, and he is the reason that Sasha ended up in Port Charles at all.

Sasha and Valentin aren't exactly on great terms these days. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that he might actually lend a bit of support to her or offer up some valuable insight. He will note that nothing is ever as black and white as it seems on the surface, a thought that certainly applies to both Sasha and Valentin's lives.

It looks as if Sasha will be emotional and quiet as Valentin says this, probably struggling but hesitant to tell him anything. For now, it looks as if viewers will be left hanging regarding how far down Sasha will spiral.

As for Valentin, SheKnows Soaps indicates that he will make a big announcement during Thursday's show. That may explain why he is at the Deception offices, although many fans would guess that his announcement is about his efforts to take over ELQ.

Elsewhere, General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina will be trying to decide whether or not to help Nelle. The court battle for custody of Wiley is moving along swiftly, and Nelle has asked Nina to be a character witness.

The sneak peek shows Nina admitting to Jax that she isn't sure whether or not she should stand up for Nelle. Jax is no fan of Nelle's, but he does know that Nina has become rather fond of her Crimson employee, so he may encourage her to follow her instincts.

Will viewers get a big cliffhanger at the end of Thursday's show? This is the last new episode that fans will have for a while and it seems possible that Nelle's necklace could make an appearance.

Neither Nina or Nelle has any idea that the other woman has the other half of the necklaces they've both held close to them. However, Nelle has been clasping hers while in the courtroom, and it seems quite possible that Nina will spot it as she takes the stand.

General Hospital spoilers hint that this necklace is going to spark a lot of chaos in the episodes ahead, and fans will be curious to see whether that chaos begins with this May 21 show, or after the soap returns.