Kate Beckinsale Has A Blow-Up Zebra & Her Cat Clive Is Less Than Impressed

Kate Beckinsale had a blow-up zebra in her home and her cat, Clive, appeared to be less than impressed in a new Instagram video. The actress's furry pal stood beside the pool toy and did not appear to find any humor in the unique situation as Kate added air to the floating vessel. Clive is one of Kate's many pets and perhaps one of her most infamous as he is regularly featured on her Instagram page.

Kate was not seen in the clip. Instead, she shot the video in what appeared to be her gorgeous kitchen. Clive was seen seated regally straight as he stood his ground on the dark wood floors next to some cabinets and a refrigerator. The cabinetry in the glorious home was a dark wood that mirrored that of the floors. Light wood trim could be seen in the background of the video and stainless steel appliances are also featured.

Clive stood his ground as Kate attached an air blower that inflated the toy from a flat piece of plastic to a large, oversized outdoor item. The cat looked away from the toy as it grew larger and larger, paying it no mind as he patiently waited for his mom to finish.

When the stunning gray feline finally took a look at the fully inflated, oversized black-and-white animal, he didn't appear to be fazed. He quickly looked away in the opposite direction. Perhaps he knew Kate wanted him to react, or maybe, he didn't really care at all. Whatever the reason, the clip was hilarious as the cat gave Kate the cold shoulder as she attempted to engage with him for social media.

Less than 24 hours earlier, Kate featured a post with another one of her cats, Willow. The white creature wore an upside-down paper cup, a cone of shame for pooping on Kate's sofa earlier in the day.Fans found the video to be hilarious. They loved how Clive didn't even react to his mother's attempt to get a reaction out of him.

"I'm not going to ask why you have an inflatable zebra," commented actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

"It seems nothing phases Clive! just love him," stated a second fan and follower of the movie star on Instagram.

"I love Clive, as chill as can be. He's the perfect cat for you!" remarked a third follower.

"Oh. My. Stars. This video literally made me cry with laughter!! Love it! Clive is so gorgeous," said a fourth fan.