Angela Simmons Works Her Toned Legs On Her Peloton: 'Cardio And Then More Work'

Angela Simmons has been consistently working out during the last couple of months of quarantine and isolation, and her newest Instagram stories showed off her latest moves. The Growing Up Hip Hop star likes to mix up her fitness routine, regularly sharing a variety of activities from her dedicated workout room with her fans. In her latest set of stories, it was her Peloton and her legs getting the tough workout as she jumped into her day.

A handful of short videos had been posted on Angela's Instagram stories before noon and it looked like she had a full day of activities planned. First, she whipped together a smoothie and sang a bit with her son as he played indoors in a toy car. Then, it was time for some bike riding before more work.

The quick glimpse of Angela on her Peloton bike focused on her muscular thighs as she pedaled intensely. She had loud music blasting to keep her motivated and she included a muscle arm emoji in her caption about doing cardio and then more work.

During this workout, Angela appeared to be wearing neon pink and black socks along with black sneakers. She likely was wearing workout shorts, but they seemed to be either quite short or pushed up high on her thighs to ensure her movements were not restricted. Her nails were short and seemingly unpolished, a sign that she is all about working hard right now rather than flaunting her more glamorous side.

The star is typically quite diligent about exercising her entire body throughout the course of her regular workouts. However, her legs certainly are a major focus for her and it has been made clear that her Peloton riding gets great results.

In an Instagram post earlier this week, Angela posed on her balcony in a short trench coat. She was able to slide one side of the coat behind her leg, allowing her to flaunt her upper thigh and a hint of her black panties.

Angela's fans went crazy over that enticing and sassy pose. Now, they are getting a bit of insight into how she builds those impressive legs.

Thursday morning's Instagram stories suggest that Angela is wasting little time in jumping into action and making the most of her day. She has also been teasing that big news regarding a Simmons Beauty launch is coming soon, signaling the reality television star knows how to work hard and stay motivated.

Almost all of Angela's fitness routines show her promoting hard, real work. Her mantra is that her body is built, not bought, and it is video clips like this latest one that prove she really practices what she preaches.