'The Bold And The Beautiful' Preview For Friday: Ridge Returns To Brooke By The Waterfall Fountain

The Bold and the Beautiful preview for Friday, May 22 reveals Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge Forrester's (Thorsten Kaye) unwavering connection. Airing as part of "The One, The Only Brooke Logan" theme week, this episode explores "Bridge" and captures the intricacies, lies, and mesmerizing romance that has always underpinned their relationship.

The classic episode originally aired on December 17, 2013 -- per Soap Central -- and is a must-see for "Bridge" fans.

Ridge Returns To Brooke

Ridge returned to L.A. after a 15-month hiatus. The dressmaker left his bride on their honeymoon after he found a text message from Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) on her phone. At the time, Ridge had enough of the deceit surrounding Brooke and left to start a new life for himself.

However, he strolled into the Forrester mansion and told Eric Forrester (John McCook) he was back. When questioned about why he chose to return, Ridge gave his father a monosyllabic answer -- "Brooke."

Of course, the dressmaker wanted to know what she had been up to while he had been absent. Eric, who has always been a supporter of "Bridge," told his son she had a hard time after he left her. He also told Ridge she had relaunched the "Brooke's Bedroom" line. He wanted to know if she had ever mentioned if she missed him, but Eric could not answer him. The patriarch told his son she didn't confide in him about matters of the heart.

As it turns out, Eric was actually lying to Ridge by omission. He did not want to dash his son's hopes of a reunion with Brooke by telling him that she had been very busy on the personal front. In fact, Brooke and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) had an affair behind Katie Logan's (Heather Tom) back after she had a heart attack.


Brooke Sees Ridge By The Waterfall

Hope Logan (then - Kim Matula) was planning the finer details of her wedding. She wanted the ceremony to take place near the staircase because she thought it was romantic. Brooke then told her the story about how Ridge had once returned to her at that very spot. She thought he was getting married to Taylor and had been sitting by the waterfall when she noticed rose petals in the water. When she looked up, she saw him standing at the top of the fountain. Hope left her mom to reminisce by herself.

Suddenly, petals appeared in the water and Brooke looked up. At first, she thought she was daydreaming. Then suddenly, she and Ridge started racing toward each other and met on the landing. Ridge handed Brooke a rose before they kissed passionately.