Michigan Attorney General Says State Will Sue Companies That Let Donald Trump Inside Without A Mask

As President Donald Trump prepares to head to Michigan on Thursday, the state attorney general warned companies they could face legal action, should they let the president tour their facility without wearing a mask, reported The Washington Post.

Trump is slated to tour the Ford parts manufacturing facility in Ypsilanti on Thursday, as the company has shifted from making car parts to manufacturing ventilators for those suffering from COVID-19.

Earlier this week, Ford issued a statement saying the president and everyone attending the event would be required to wear personal protective equipment while touring the facility, in order to protect their workers, as The Inquisitr reported at the time.

Now, Michigan is doubling down on that message, with Attorney General Dana Nessel asking Trump to wear a mask to protect those around him and warning that he has a legal responsibility to do so. Michigan currently requires the wearing of masks by law.

"While my Department will not act to prevent you from touring Ford's plant, I ask that while you are on tour you respect the great efforts of the men and women at Ford — and across this State — by wearing a facial covering," Nessel stated. "It is not just the policy of Ford, by virtue of the Governor's Executive Orders. It is currently the law of this State."

If Trump fails to wear the proper equipment, he will be asked not to return, Nessel stated. When asked if she believed the president would comply with the order, she said she didn't believe he would, as he seems to think -- in her mind -- that the president doesn't have the same "level of legal accountability" as the rest of the public.

It isn't just the president who stands to face consequences if he doesn't wear a mask. Nessel warned companies that they would be held responsible if they let the president into their facilities while not wearing a mask.

"I think we're going to take action against any company or any facility that allows him inside those facilities and puts our workers at risk. We simply can't afford it here in our state," she said.

Trump has previously faced criticism about wearing a mask, after he appeared at several different events without one. Reportedly, he feels wearing one sends the wrong message to the public. He supposedly also fears that images of him wearing a mask could be used in attack ads against him, hurting his chances at re-election in the fall.