Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola Looks Glam In Behind-The-Scenes Video

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola looked glam in a behind-the-scenes video where she shared some bridal looks to die for with her 3.1 million followers. The former reality star was stunning, and many of her fans did a double-take as she seemingly looked entirely different from her days when she lived in the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

The reality star turned businesswoman posted the clip just one day after sharing an image of herself standing alongside a white Rolls-Royce automobile while dressed to the nines in a stunning bridal look.

In the quick clip, Sammi is seen being attended to by two women — one hairstylist and one makeup artist. In the beginning moments of the video, neither the hairstylist nor the makeup artist is wearing protective face masks. As it progressed, viewers can see the hairstylist with a mask on her face.

Sammi's overall look was breathtaking. She wore a high-necked, lace bridal gown in the video. The glorious dress had a billowing bottom with layers and layers of tulle that created an overall ethereal effect. The top of the gown encircled her neck like a turtleneck and then cut away to reveal her toned shoulders. Her chest was covered by the material, with a slight bit of skin revealed as the top cut dramatically around her arms in the front.

The sleeves of the garment, also lace, appeared to be designed to reach out over the tops of her hands with a small cutout for her thumb. This made it appear like she was wearing lace gloves as evidenced by her hands in her lap at the beginning of the clip.

Sammi wore drop earrings that appeared to have a hint of sparkle to them as she moved her head back and forth. Her hair was styled in a fashionable high ponytail. The base of the pony, which appeared to have been made fuller by the addition of extensions, was fashioned with a multi-layered look of pearls that mimicked the work on the gown. Her stylist was seen curling pieces to achieve a finished look.

Fans were hopeful that this would be the style that Sammi would try to duplicate when she marries fiance Christian Biscardi.

"Sammi, I've always loved you, even back when you were on Jersey Shore you have really glowed up!!! I'm so happy to see you happy and looking as stunning as ever!" said one follower.

"So Radiant! Your glow shines so brightly! your smile shows your true happiness. I have watched you on Jersey Shore and now I follow your Insta and I still think you're an amazing person. You seem to have a heart filled with gold. I love to see your happiness and your journey, congratulations babe!" said a second fan.

"I love this wedding look," stated a fourth follower.