Chris Cuomo Pokes Fun At Brother Andrew Over His Live Coronavirus Test

On Wednesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made an appearance on his brother Chris' Cuomo Prime Time. The majority of the interview with the CNN host focused on the measures New York is taking to manage cases of the coronavirus and plans for the state's eventual reopening. However, the two shared a lighthearted moment surrounding Andrew's decision to take a COVID-19 test on live television, per E! Online.

Cuomo took the nasal swab coronavirus test during a live news conference on Sunday in an effort to demonstrate how easy the process would be. While it's unclear if the demonstration had an effect on New Yorkers who are reluctant to take the test, it definitely had an unintended impact on Chris. The CNN host had plenty of questions, mostly surrounding the size of his brother's nose.

"Is it true that when you were having the test administered, you inhaled and the doctor's finger went all the way up your nose and got stuck and had to be released with a tool?" Chris jokingly asked his brother.

Andrew struggled to contain his laughter as he replied that the woman who conducted the test was more concerned about his "button nose" that was so delicate a test could have damaged a nasal cavity.

However, Chris wasn't finished. He held up the standard test swab alongside two other comically oversized prop swabs, asking if the smaller swab had actually disappeared up Andrew's nose during the test's administration. Andrew fought back tears as his brother asked if the giant testing swabs were more suitable for his "double-barrel shotgun" of a nose.

Between fits of laughter, Andrew defended his performance during the testing procedure. He personally thought he did well, saying he didn't flinch and was a "cool dude in a loose mood" throughout. However, that just opened the door for another one of Chris' jabs.

"Of course you were! That swab is like a piece of lint going in that thing in your face. How could it have collected anything? It was like throwing a rock around a cave," his brother joked.

Chris then held up the two larger swabs, one of which was about the size of the CNN host's head and requested that his brother tell the truth about which swab was used.

Andrew was left without words by the questions and simply replied, "This is not love."

Following the interview, Chris took the joke to Instagram, sharing a picture in his stories of the three swabs.

"Which was it? #SwabGate or #SchnozGate?" he asked in the caption.