Fitness Trainer Lisa Lanceford Shows Off Chiseled Abs In Upper Body Workout Video

Lisa Lanceford added her latest workout to her large Instagram collection on Tuesday, May 19. The workout targeted the upper body and featured the fitness model's chiseled abs.

For the video, Lisa wore a green sports bra with thin straps that left the length of her toned tummy and muscular arms exposed. She paired the top with ribbed gray leggings that sat low on her hips and followed the contours of her bulky thighs and sculpted backside. For footwear, the trainer went with a pair of white and blue Nike's. The outfit highlighted her muscular physique.

Lisa pulled her dark hair back into a low bun to keep her hair out of her face during her workout. She appeared to sport black mascara and pink lip gloss for her glam. She also accessorized with a black exercise watch and a glitzy ring.

The workout consisted of five different exercises, all designed to work the shoulders, arms, and abs. Each exercise was separated into an individual clip in the post and required the use of an exercise mat. For some of the moves, she also used a resistance band and a chair. She carried out the sweat session in a spacious room that had plenty of light.

Before starting the workout, Lisa showed off her bicep by flexing for the camera. She also displayed her taut midsection. She gave the camera a big smile and then began a set of push-ups, demonstrating both regular push-ups and knee push-ups. In the second video, she moved into seated rows using the resistance band and chair. As she pulled the band towards her body, she showed off an eyeful of her chiseled shoulder and upper arm muscles.

The third exercise in the circuit was lateral raises, once again requiring the use of a resistance band. Lisa moved into alternating bicep curls next, placing the resistance band under her feet and pulling the handles up towards her chest. The final exercise was the overhead tricep extension. She pulled up on the band behind her head, which was once again secured under her feet.

In the caption of the post, Lisa wrote out the exercises and included the number of sets and reps her trainees should do for each. She added that the upper body workout was great for anyone who still did not have access to a gym.

The post earned nearly 20,000 likes and dozens of comments within the first two days.