'General Hospital' Spoilers For Thursday: Nelle Takes The Stand As Michael & Willow Brace For Impact

Thursday is the last day of new General Hospital episodes, and the timing just happens to be right in the middle of the chaotic custody battle between Nelle and Michael. Fans will at least be able to see Nelle take the stand today as Martin Grey asks her why she thinks she deserves to have custody of her child. She is expected to give quite a performance in front of the judge as Michael, Willow, and Carly are forced to sit there quietly and listen to her sob story.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Nelle will be putting on her best face to go on about how Brad Cooper stole her baby right after he was born and switched his dead one with hers. She had previously claimed that she had passed out after the birth and she woke up with a dead baby in her arms. That is likely the same story that she will tell on the stand on Thursday.

The weekly previews had revealed Nelle saying that it was "showtime" as she is seen getting ready to take the stand. She has Julian Jerome, her new husband, by her side and she believes that her new life will give her the edge she needs to win custody of Wiley. She is also counting on her false story to win the judge over as well.

Martin will do his best to bring out Nelle's motherly side on Thursday's show, despite the fact that she did hand her son over to Brad when he was born just to get back at Michael. He was left grieving for his child for two years, but she will act like she was also grieving during that time. Will the judge actually buy into her performance and give her full custody of Wiley?

Michael and Willow were seen holding hands as Nelle was being called up to the stand. They are anxious to hear what she has to say, but they know that she will indeed lie her way through.

Fans are hoping that Julian will put a stop to Nelle's madness. Martin isn't planning on putting Julian on the stand, however, that could change later on. Viewers would love to see the ex-mobster turn on Nelle. He seemingly has the perfect opportunity right now to take her down once and for all.

Fans will have to wait a while before the whole thing is revealed. The General Hospital crew quit filming in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are still waiting to find out when they can get back to work. Classic episodes will air for most, if not all, of the summer until they get the green light to head back. It won't be a moment too soon, as fans are anxious to see what the judge will decide for Wiley.