Meg Turney Stuns In Sexy Littlefinger Cosplay To Commemorate 'Game Of Thrones' Finale's First Anniversary

Cosplay model Meg Turney took to social media on Wednesday night to commemorate an arguably divisive moment in television history -- the Game of Thrones Season 8 finale -- by sharing a photo of herself dressed up as a sexy version of Aidan Gillen's character on the HBO fantasy series: Lord Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger.

In the new snap, Meg posed while kneeling on what looked like a brown rug, with the background reminiscent of those that were used during Game of Thrones' eight-season run. She flashed a wide smile for the camera with her eyes seemingly half-open, underscoring how she appeared to be having fun during the GoT-themed photo shoot.

Meg wore a robe that had a dark-brown-and-gold color scheme, not unlike the one on the outfit frequently worn by Littlefinger, but that's where the similarities ended. The garment's deep V-neckline allowed the model to showcase a generous amount of cleavage, as well as a glimpse of her midsection. She also got to show off her hips and thighs in the photo, thanks to the ensemble's revealing, yet unusual design.

Apart from the black choker she wore around her neck, Meg wasn't wearing any visible accessories. She also wore her long brown hair down, with her locks partially covering her right eye and slightly touching her chest area.

In her caption, Meg pointed out that it's been one year since the week of the GoT series finale. She vaguely hinted at how the show's ending proved to be polarizing for its fanbase, then described her outfit and gave credit to the people behind the shoot, including British photographer Gavin Free.

In the eight hours since the post was shared on Instagram, it has gotten more than 20,000 likes from Meg's followers. Several also took to the comments section to either share their thoughts on the eighth season of Game of Thrones or simply praise the model for her looks and her costume.

"We don't speak of that show, the final season left a bad taste in our mouths," said one user.

"Looking sexy as hell!! Also, I have no clue who Littlefinger is," remarked a second follower.

"That hair swoop though. Goals," a third fan quipped.

Over the past few days, Meg has shared a number of apparent throwback photos from previous shoots. One of the racier images she recently posted saw her going topless and wearing nothing but a pair of light blue bottoms, with only the cake icing on her breasts keeping the snap within Instagram's guidelines against nudity.