Kayla Moody Drops To Her Hands & Knees In A Sheer Swimsuit At The Beach

American model Kayla Moody kept fans on their toes with yesterday's social media post, sharing a highly NSFW Instagram upload of herself at the beach. In the picture, the "hot military wife" flaunted her insane body in a provocative pose, pushing the limits on the platform with her racy attire. Snapped right by the water's edge, the sizzling blonde got down on all fours, squeezing her bosom in between her arms and spreading her legs. Her outfit was no less risqué, as Kayla looked smoking hot in a sheer white swimsuit.

The buxom blonde gave fans an eyeful of cleavage in the revealing one-piece, which had a low-cut neckline that nearly exposed her nipples. The sexy pose certainly pushed her chest out further. The see-through fabric afforded a clear view of her busty assets, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. The swimsuit was deep-cut on the sides and would have flashed a good deal of sideboob had her arm not been in the way. The item appeared to be an open-back style and featured skimpy thong bottoms that showed off her pert backside.

Kayla was photographed in mid-profile, putting all of her killer curves on display. The seductive posture called particular attention to her perky bust, while also emphasizing her tiny waist and trim tummy. Meanwhile, her swimsuit had no trouble showing off her hip and thighs thanks to its incredibly high cut. The model had her palms and knees firmly lodged in the wet sand. Frothy waves washed over her feet, crashing against her thigh. She basked in the sunshine with her eyes half-closed, giving off sultry vibes as she posed with her mouth ajar. The golden rays of the sun fell on her face and bust, literally shining the spotlight on her cleavage.

Kayla opted for a face full of makeup in the shot, rocking a chic application that appeared to include shimmering eyeshadow, thick dark eyeliner, and a heavy coat of mascara on her voluminous lashes. Her glam look was complete with her signature satin pink lipstick, which lent a sexy sheen to her voluptuous mouth. She wore her hair down, letting her long, platinum blond tresses brush over her back.

A geotag identified the location of Kayla's photo as Tampa, Florida. The background showed a scenic seascape, one complete with a bright, blue sky and tall buildings looming across the bay. In her caption, the bombshell asked fans to "rate this pose 1-10," adding a flirty touch with a winking-face emoji. She credited the shot to glamour photographer Chris Keeling, who's collaborated with her in the past.

The spicy pic didn't fail to arouse fans' interest, racking up more than 12,900 likes and 462 messages overnight. Needless to say, her followers gave her the highest mark.

"10, 10, 10. I didn't think one 10 was enough!" read one message, which began with a fire emoji and ended with heart-eyes.

"It's more than 10," wrote another person.

"Absolutely stunningly gorgeous babe - definitely a 10 - however in my books you have infinite beauty xxx," gushed a third follower, adding a long string of flattering emoji.

"No number high enough," remarked another one of her devotees.