WWE News: Retired Superstar Says He Considered Comeback At 'Royal Rumble' Despite Career-Ending Injury

In a recent podcast appearance, former WWE superstar Tyson Kidd offered some insight on his current role in the company as a backstage producer while dropping one interesting detail about his prematurely shortened in-ring career -- he was apparently considering the possibility of returning to the ring at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

In an interview with Spencer Love for Wednesday's edition of his Conversations with Love podcast, Kidd touched on multiple topics, including the career-ending neck injury he suffered five years ago and how wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan and Edge have made comebacks years after retiring at a relatively young age due to injuries. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., Kidd said that his situation is "very different," as the fusions he underwent for his injury are as "high up as it goes" and in the back of his neck. Still, he gave credit to his surgeon for doing an "amazing" job and saving "a lot" of the muscle that was damaged.

After explaining that he still posts workout videos and is in generally good physical shape, Kidd said that being in good wrestling shape is a different matter, stressing that he's likely in "horrible ring shape" at the moment. He then admitted that in recent years, he had once hoped to make an appearance in the Royal Rumble in hopes of writing the final chapter in his long wrestling career, only for things to fall through.

"I did look into - I did get looked at [by WWE doctors], and things are good, but things are not at that level in terms of my neck, and y'know what? I'm at peace with everything. I haven't wrestled in five years almost. June 1st, 2015 was my last match, and I'm at peace with it."

Tyson Kidd (L) and Cesaro (C) double-team Kofi Kingston (R) during a tag team match on Monday Night Raw in 2015.

Although it doesn't seem likely that Kidd will ever make a cameo appearance at Royal Rumble, Edge had notably made his own surprising comeback at this year's edition of the event, wrestling for the first time in nearly a decade and ending up among the final four competitors in the men's battle royal.

Expounding on his earlier point, Kidd emphasized that he loves working with WWE superstars backstage, specifically when it comes to helping the company's female wrestlers continue improving in the ring and reaching new milestones. He added that even if there are fans out there who may be sad that he won't be able to wrestle again, he's satisfied with his backstage producer role and happy with how his in-ring career had turned out.