Daniella Chavez Defies Gravity As She Bounces Around In Skimpy White Crisscrossed Bikini Video

Instagram model Daniella Chavez wowed her 12.9 million followers as she jumped around in a skimpy bikini top for her latest video post. As her bikini defied gravity, Daniella's fans were quick to respond.

Along with the video, a snap was included which may look familiar to some viewers. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Daniella recently posed wearing the same white bikini. In that post, though, the model sat on a counter and used a spoon to eat Nutella straight out of the jar.

The current image appeared to be a part of the earlier photoshoot as she was still wearing the sweatpants and holding a spoon close to her mouth while she smiled at the camera. However, the Instagram celebrity also added a video to complement the new post.

The white top that she was wearing appeared to be a regular string bikini. However, Daniella had crossed the straps in such a manner that they no longer went over her shoulders but underneath them instead. Her ample assets were barely covered as a result.

In the clip, Daniella was positioned in what appeared to be her kitchen. At first, she stood in profile and looked at the camera, one hand on her hip, pouting before stepping closer. She smiled briefly at the lens and then began jumping up and down as if daring her bikini top to fall off.

Holding onto a counter in front of her, Daniella continued to jump from side to side in order to delight her legion of fans as her top defied gravity and remained in place. At times, the stunner put her head to one side, and her long blond locks bounced all over the place.

Her hair was partially pulled back into a ponytail, with some sections at the front worn loose. Daniella appeared to be wearing eyelash extensions that framed her green eyes. She did not seem to be wearing much eye makeup other than a light layer of a neutral color. On her lips, the Instagram influencer was wearing a glossy shade of lipstick that appeared to be a peachy shade.

As soon as Daniella posted the update, her followers rushed to respond. Within six hours, the post had garnered more than 70,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments.

"Beautiful and perfect," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"Breathtaking," a fan said.

"Omg so beautiful," another person wrote, adding a row of emoji for further emphasis.

In addition, many of her followers simply used emoji in order to convey their feelings regarding the image. By far, the most popular were the fire, heart-eyed, fire, and lips emoji.