Andreane Chamberland Goes Topless And Flips Off Camera In Latest Bikini Post

Instagram sensation Andreane Chamberland teased her 513,000 million followers with her recent bikini post. In a cheeky pose, the model also flipped off the camera, which delighted her fans.

Andreane chose to wear nothing more than a pair of pink bikini bottoms and large clear-framed glasses. Her tanned legs and flat stomach were on display in the snap as she stood with her legs parted in the defiant stance.

With her head tilted gently to one side, her long blond locks cascaded over her shoulders and curled around her forearms. Standing proudly, Andreane looked directly at the lens. Using her hands, the model covered her ample chest. However, the middle finger of each hand was extended as she flipped off the camera.

The celebrity chose a pale shade of pink lipstick to highlight her plump lips as she pouted slightly for the racy picture. She also appeared to be wearing smoky shades of eye shadow underneath her glasses. Rosy blush also highlighted her cheeks. Around her neck dangled a decorative silver charm from what appeared to be a leather string.

Standing in a white room, a decorative painted screen was situated behind the model, sectioning off a corner of the small room. A closed door also appeared to be in the background.

A crocheted dream catcher hung on one wall; its long tendrils reaching down to the white dresser below. The three-drawer dresser showed an array of beauty products and brushes. Andreane stood on gray-stained wooden flooring that contrasted dramatically with the stark whiteness of everything else in the room.

As soon as Andreane posted the image, her followers raced to respond. Within nine hours, the image had garnered more than 12,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

"Woww Sexy baby," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"You are hot and beautiful," a fan said.

"Wow... the wonder in person.... that stylish," said someone else.

"Oh hey beauty," a fourth person wrote, also using three fox emoji to further emphasize their comment.

Many of her followers appeared to find it hard to get their thoughts into words so they used emoji in order to convey their feelings instead. The most popular appeared to be the heart, heart-eyed, and kissing emoji. However, Andreane's fans were creative and there were many other emoji on display.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Andreane also recently bared her chest while sitting poolside. Wearing tie-dyed booty shorts, the model smiled at the camera as she crossed her arms across her chest.