Rosa Acosta Shows Off Tight Buns And Asks Her Instagram Followers If They Prefer Her In Shorts Or Leggings

Instagram influencer and ballet dancer Rosa Acosta had a serious question for her 1.6 million followers recently. Posting a split picture of herself wearing both shorts and leggings, she asked fans which they preferred.

The post showed Rosa with her back to the camera as she displayed her white shorts, which had a waffle weave pattern. The tight-fitting item of clothing showed off her buns and toned legs as she turned and snapped the selfie over one shoulder. In a mirror-image split shot, the celebrity then showed herself as she wore leggings in a matching color and pattern.

Rosa teamed both items of clothing was a white crop top. However, it was obvious that she had worn the shorts and leggings at different times since one crop top featured a red band whereas the other didn't. Rosa also opted for different runners in each shot. One pair was white and gray, and the other white had yellow stripes on the heel.

The dancer is standing on gray flooring in both snaps. However, the one featuring the shorts showed what appeared to be a bed or sofa in the background. The other image showed Rosa standing in front of a potted plant and a window as the sun streamed through it.

With the position of Rosa's head in both pictures, it cannot be ascertained if she was wearing any makeup. Her dark curly locks appeared unkempt and cascaded down past her shoulders.

As soon as Rosa posted the image, her followers were quick to respond. Within one hour, the image had amassed thousands of likes and plenty of comments.

"Both, the [peach] look good in both...!" one follower wrote in the comments section.

Other followers certainly had one preference over the other. Plenty liked Rosa in the leggings but the winner appeared to be the tight white shorts.

"SHORTS SHORTS!!!" a fan responded.

"I gotta see those legs," said yet another.

"You look good in both. But I like the shorts," another person wrote, also using the shorts emoji for further emphasis.

In fact, a lot of her followers used emoji in order to convey their emotions. Many opted to use the peach emoji. Other popular choices were the heart-eyed and fire emoji.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rosa recently showed off her pert derriere while wearing ripped Daisy Dukes. In a video posted to her official Instagram account, she exhibited her dance moves. The clip showed her dancing salsa with Willie Watana.