Ashleigh Jordan Flaunts Toned Figure In Curve-Hugging Blue Joggers For New 'Ab Shredder' Workout

Ashleigh Jordan gave her fans a new dose of fitness motivation on Wednesday as she shared her latest video series on Instagram.

Dressed in a white sports bra and a pair of light blue joggers, Jordan started her workout with a set of cross reaches. For this exercise, she lay on the floor with both legs extended upwards. Starting with her hands behind her head, she stretched one arm toward the opposite foot. After lowering her torso to the floor, she repeated the exercise on the other side. In her caption, Ashleigh suggested doing three sets of 20 repetitions.

Next, she moved on to a series of planks with side taps. These required her to lift her legs out to the side while she held the plank position. Her caption recommended doing three sets of 15 repetitions.

In the third video, Ashleigh combined crunches with toe taps. While lying on the floor, she started with her knees raised and bent at a 90-degree angle. After she completed a crunch, Ashleigh slowly lowered one foot to the floor before raising it back to its original position. After that, she repeated the toe tap with the opposite foot. Ashleigh suggested including 20 repetitions in a set and repeating it three times.

In the fourth and final video of the series, Ashleigh completed a series of downward dog crunches. She assumed the popular yoga pose at the start of the video, placing her hands on the ground and her glutes lifted while keeping her legs straight. Then she lifted one of her legs behind her and pushed it forward toward her opposite arm. Her caption recommended three sets of 15 repetitions.

The post has been liked more than 20,000 times with more than 220 Instagram users leaving a comment. In the comments, several of Ashleigh's fans seemed more enthralled by her flattering joggers than the exercise demonstration. The pants are from Ashleigh's athleisure brand NVGTN.

"Lol, I have the joggers in every released color how can I not get this one," one person wrote.

A second Instagram user commented on her choice of footwear.

"Girllll idk how you are able to do workouts in socks, my feet slip on my yoga mat just from my sweat alone," they wrote.

Despite the attention her outfit received, plenty of her followers appreciated the workout demonstration.

"Omg!! Thanks for this @ashleigh_jordan it was [fire emoji]" a third Instagram user wrote. "I needed this love all your content god bless."