Daniella Chavez Poses Nude In Her Bathtub For Steamy Instagram Update

Daniella Chavez gave her 12.9 million Instagram followers a treat on Wednesday, sharing a triple-photo update of herself in the bathtub. The Chilean bombshell started off with a close-up that showed her enjoying a bubble bath, making strategic use of the foam to censor her bare chest. The following two snaps saw the bubbles significantly waning, revealing a whole lot more skin.

In her caption, Daniella detailed how the photos were taken. She addressed her fans in Spanish, with a Google translation revealing that the first shot was done in selfie mode, whereas the other two were snapped by her photographer via cell phone. The model referred to the process as remote photoshoot, telling followers that everything was set up through video call.

The Playboy hottie stripped of all of her clothes but kept her glam and accessories on point. She rocked a chic, natural-looking makeup application, highlighting her already gorgeous features with what appeared to be a light-toned, pinkish eyeshadow. The glam look also seemed to include voluminous lashes to further bring out her eyes, as well as a glossy coral shade on her lush lips.

She wore two sets of gold hoop earrings -- large, chunky ones and a small, understated pair -- and pulled back her golden tresses into a low, messy bun to show off her bling. A sleek pair of rebel tendrils framed her face, brushing over her chest. She wore a large gold band on her finger and displayed her stylish stiletto manicure, painting each nail a different shade of pastel pink. A gold chain choker sparkled around her neck, calling attention to her chiseled collar bone.

In the first photo, Daniella was curled up sideways in the tub with her back against the tile wall. She cradled her foam-covered bosom in her hands, flaunting her cleavage, and fixed the camera with an intense gaze.

In the next picture, the sizzling blonde was portrayed from the opposite angle, sitting with her knee up and her hands crossed over her chest. With the bubbles nearly completely gone, the buxom model relied solely on her palms to censor her ample assets, flashing plenty of sideboob. She threw her head back and parted her lips, shooting a longing gaze at the lens. She added a colored hearts-and-sparkles filter to the shot, an effect which made her wet skin glisten.

The final pic was a black-and-white shot and saw her coquettishly raising her fingers to her temple as she looked down at her knees. Her thighs were pressed against her chest, concealing her curves. She grabbed her bust with one hand and seductively parted her lips, giving off sultry vibes. Bathwater skimmed her hips and waist, bubbling up against her skin.

The upload was a major hit with her fans, reeling in more than 115,600 likes and 1,470-plus comments. While the majority of messages were in Spanish, some of her English-speaking followers also chimed in.

"This is stunning," wrote American cosplay model Erica Fett, adding a fire, heart, and heart-eyes emoji.

"So beautiful," gushed a second person, leaving a string of heart-eyes, heart, and blowing-kiss emoji, each of them in triplicate.

"SWEET BUBBLES," a third person wrote in all caps, ending with a pair of cat heart-eyes emoji.

"Good clean fun," quipped a fourth Instagrammer, who added a heart emoji.