Ainsley Rodriguez Sizzles In Mismatched Bikini For New Resistance Band Workout Videos

Ainsley Rodriguez soaked up the sun in some very revealing attire for the latest resistance band workout on her Instagram page.

In the shared clips, the Miami-based fitness model rocked a mismatched bikini that consisted of a navy-blue top and aqua-blue briefs. Ainsley started the poolside workout in a plank position. She stretched a long thin yellow resistance band between her hands and between her legs so that it formed a rectangle around her. Hooking the band with her thumbs, she then raised one arm and lowered it before repeating the exercise on the other side.

In the second clip, Ainsley anchored the band offscreen. Assuming a plank position once more, she pulled one end of the band and twisted her torso upward.

Next, she sat on an exercise mat and hooked her feet to one end of the resistance band. Then she stretched the band upwards with her feet as she raised her knees toward her torso and simultaneously leaned her upper body forward. Then she extended her legs forward as she lowered her torso toward the floor.

In the fourth clip, Ainsley lay on the floor with one knee raised and arm extended out to the side. With one end of the band wrapped around the foot closest to the camera, she raised the other end with the arm that was closer to the pool. As she did so, she lifted and lowered her upper body.

She ditched the resistance band in the last video but remained on the floor for a set of star crunches.

In her caption, she recommended doing 45 seconds of each exercise followed by 15 seconds of rest. The circuit should be done three times, she added.

The post has been liked more than 15,000 times as of this writing and close to 500 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In the comments section, Ainsley's fans seemed enthralled by her display of physical fitness.

"3 rounds nice. Great for the core, shoulders, legs, just this exercise alone targets many areas. Great job here," one fan wrote before adding a thumbs-up emoji to their Instagram page.

"What a machine! Looking amazing," another added.

Others seemed more enamored by her chiseled physique, however.

"Omg you are so unbelievably hot and sexy, Ainsley," a third Instagram user added. "Amazing body gorgeous eyes beautiful smile sexy legs amazing booty sexy feet."

But some commenters had questions as well. One person wondered what Ainsley attached her resistance band to offscreen.

"Anything stable enough to hold your weight! A railing, heavy chair, anything!" she wrote in her reply.

A fourth fan asked whether she needed a cleaner for the pool in the background. In her reply, Ainsley just thanked them for their compliments.