May 20, 2020
Nick Cordero's Coronavirus Journey Takes A Bad Turn: 'That's Not How His Story Ends,' Says Wife Amanda Kloots

Actor and singer Nick Cordero is still battling for his life against the novel coronavirus. Nick's wife Amanda Kloots has been keeping fans updated regularly via her Instagram page, and there has been a lot of good news to celebrate. Unfortunately, Amanda's Wednesday afternoon Instagram stories revealed that there seems to have been a significant setback.

About a week ago, Amanda was able to tell Nick's fans that he had been waking up and was emerging from his coma. He had been in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai since the end of March -- in a coma all that time. Amanda said he was still very weak, but he was starting to follow commands. She made it clear that there was still a long way to go in his recovery, but things had finally started to look better.

Unfortunately, as of Wednesday afternoon, something with Nick's condition had worsened. Amanda was emotional as she shared a few details, asking again for prayers from everybody. She said that her husband had a bad morning and that things were going a little bit downhill.

Amanda did not share specifics regarding what had happened with Nick's condition. However, it was quite clear that whatever had changed was significant enough to rattle her.

The fitness trainer fought back tears and had to hesitate a few times while recording to try to regain her composure. As Amanda ended the short series of video clips, she asked for more thoughts and prayers from her followers.

Nick's wife said she wouldn't be able to join the daily dance party that people hold every day to root for the singer and actor. However, she encouraged people to hop over to her sister's Instagram page, where she and Amanda's son Elvis would be singing and dancing.

Amanda has always fought to stay positive and optimistic throughout this battle, even during the most difficult days of Nick's illness. Due to a variety of coronavirus-related complications, he has had his leg amputated, has been on a ventilator for weeks, and has fought through a number of other serious medical challenges.

Despite all of that, Amanda had remained determined to see her husband return home. In her latest story, she insisted that this virus would not get him down and that this would not be how Nick's story ends.

People will be anxious to hear more updates from Amanda regarding the sudden decline in Nick's condition, and many are hoping for a major rebound. Amanda will surely share more at some point soon, but she may have been waiting to learn more and to feel ready emotionally to reveal the specifics with her followers.