May 20, 2020
Bruna Rangel Lima Flaunts Curvaceous Figure In Tropical Bikini

Bruna Rangel Lima knows how to get the attention of her 4 million Instagram followers. Being that she is the driving force behind the swimwear company Brukinis, it only makes sense that she likes to delight her fans by modeling some of the items available from the retailer. On Wednesday, she did not let them down as she flaunted her curvaceous figure in a tropical bikini.

The model's top featured triangle-style cups made from a fabric with a tropical print pattern on it. To add a bit of sass to the look, she wore the cups upside down. The bottoms were black and featured gold rings on the sides.

Bruna posed outside for the picture. She leaned against the corner of a wall with one knee bent and one foot on the wall. The image captured her from the front at a side angle, giving her fans a nice look at the curve of her booty and her shapely thighs. She arched her back slightly, showing off her chest and a bit of underboob. Her flat abs were also prominent as she gazed at the camera with a sultry look, her bronzed skin glowing in the outside light.

The model's hair was parted in the middle and she wore it straight over one shoulder. Her makeup application looked flawless and appeared to include mascara, blush on the apples of her cheeks, and a rose gloss on her lips.

The geotag indicated that the photo was taken n Boca Raton, Florida, but Bruna did not give any more details about where the snap was taken.

The post was a smash hit, with more than 39,000 followers hitting the like button within an hour of her sharing it.

In the post's caption, Bruna left a positive message.

Among those who took time to compliment Bruna were fellow influencers Nicky Gile, Rachel Bush, and Lauren Dascalo.

Other fans also raved over how stunning she looked.

"You are really beautiful and you have really nice body," wrote one admirer.

"Your body is beautiful and deliciously sexy," gushed another Instagram user.

"You look absolutely gorgeous and sexy," a third fan chimed in.

"You're not from this planet," joked a fourth follower.

Bruna seems to enjoy sharing an array of snippets from her life on Instagram, ranging from funny videos to workouts. However, she doesn't seem to want to let the opportunity to model a bikini pass her by. Earlier this month, she rocked a blue bikini while sitting by the pool.