May 20, 2020
Nastia Liukin Slays In Black Bikini & Wide-Brimmed Hat As She Embraces Swimsuit Season

Champion gymnast Nastia Liukin was ready to celebrate the summer season when she posted her latest pair of photos on her Instagram page. The new snaps came on Wednesday and the Olympian's fans loved the stunning look.

The first photo in Nastia's new post showed her standing on a beach while wearing a black bikini. She was angled so that the photographer caught her pert derriere and long, lean legs and she looked over one shoulder off to the distance. The gymnast stood with one leg placed slightly ahead of the other, her defined calf muscles stunning some of her impressed followers.

Nastia appeared to keep her makeup look quite simple and her blond hair was styled casually under her hat. Her pearly whites stood out as she smiled and it appeared that she decided not to add any jewelry or other accessories.

The bikini top had some colorful accents on the front, but those applique details were not visible until fans checked out the second snap in the post. The black bikini bottoms were high-waisted and provided pretty solid coverage. However, the bikini bottoms were just revealing enough in the back to give Nastia a chance to be a bit cheeky.

Along with the unique black bikini, Nastia wore black sunglasses and a wide-brimmed black hat. This setup might feel familiar to some of the gymnast's fans, as she did share a fairly similar look a couple of months ago. Both sets of photos showed her wearing black bikinis, sunglasses, and black hats, but the individual pieces did vary from one another between the two posts.

In this case, Nastia said that she was thrilled that summer had finally hit in Dallas where she now lives. She mentioned that she lives for the swimsuit season and those who follow her on Instagram know that she is frequently snapped frolicking by her pool in one bikini or another.

"You look amazing," one follower noted of this new look.

"Nastia, you always look spectacular," a fan praised.

"Definitely my favourite too. You look stunning," another follower wrote.

"Dang, look at those calves," someone else shared.

Nastia has been posting quite a bit on social media lately as she quarantines in Texas. She's been utilizing both Instagram and her TikTok page to keep herself and her followers entertained and people always adore what she shares.

The Olympic champion doesn't compete herself any longer, but she still has that stunning gymnast's figure. This look was especially glamourous and stunning and it is clear that she made quite the impression on her 1 million dedicated followers.