Katya Elise Henry Celebrates Gemini Season In Bikini And Bandana

Fitness model Katya Elise Henry is preparing for Gemini season, which starts on May 21. In a recent Instagram post, Katya shared a photo of herself in a bikini with a caption that included six alternating devil and angel emoji.

In the photo, Katya rocked a navy blue bikini. She wore a bandana decorated with Xs around her head. She accessorized with gold hoop earrings, bright-green nail polish, and bracelets and rings on both hands and arms.

Katya was photographed sitting with her right arm behind her back and her hand laying flat. Her left arm was raised and bent, with her palm facing out and some of her fingers against her hair. She appeared to be looking down with her eyes closed while licking her upper lip.

The picture seemed to have been taken at Katya's home as she sat at the center of a white couch. A blue sky with some light clouds can be seen through the windows.

Commenters responded with plenty of love for Katya's post.

"OH YES GIRL," read one comment.

"YESSSSSSSIR! ITS OUR TIME GIRL LETS GOOOOOOOOO," said another person, followed by a crying face emoji.

"That seat is HYPED," exclaimed one fan.

"Yasssssss bad bish holiday coming to a story near u! Your quarantine Bday gonna be on my highlights lol," someone else said.

One of the more cryptic remarks came from Miami Heat basketball player Tyler Herro, whom Katya follows.

"Uh oh," read his comment, which has received 168 likes as of this reporting.

Katya and Tyler had a Twitter interaction on March 17. He asked what she was doing, and she seemed to extend him an invitation -- or look for one herself.

Katya's excitement over the upcoming astrological season makes sense, given that she's a Gemini. She'll be celebrating her 26th birthday on June 14.

So far, Katya's post has received more than 152,000 likes. It has also received more than 1,400 comments.