May 20, 2020
Krissy Cela Flaunts Toned Figure In Gray Shorts For New Workout Videos On Instagram

Krissy Cela demonstrated a new workout to her Instagram fanbase on Wednesday and it's designed to sculpt the muscles of the lower body.

In the shared post, the British fitness trainer rocked a pair of gray shorts as she showed her over 2 million followers a series of six exercises.

For the first video, Krissy tackled a set of curtsy lunges. For this exercise, she placed one foot behind her and then bent both knees until her front thigh was parallel to the floor. In her caption, she suggested doing 15 repetitions on each leg.

Next, it was time for a set of crab jumps. These required her to take a couple of large lateral steps before she launched herself into the air. Her caption suggested doing 20 of these.

In the third video, Krissy powered through a set of narrow squats done with her feet placed shoulder-width apart. Her squats were done at a brisk pace as she held her arms crossed in front of her chest. Krissy suggested 15 repetitions of this exercise.

In her caption, Krissy grouped these three moves into one circuit and wrote that it should be done in one five-minute interval. After a two-minute break, circuit two should begin, she added.

Krissy's second circuit started with a set of criss-cross jumps. She jumped and crossed her legs at the beginning of this exercise and then landed in a wide-legged squat. During each squat, she tapped the floor with one hand.

A set of pulse deadlifts followed which required the use of two dumbbells. Krissy held them horizontally in front of her thighs and then leaned her torso forward, lowering the weights as she did so. She raised herself halfway up before starting a new repetition.

Krissy lay on an exercise mat for the last exercise in the series -- a set of single-leg deadlifts. For this exercise, she started with her back torso and hips flat on the floor while her knees were raised. Then she extended one leg into the air and raised her hips.

In the comments section, some of Krissy's fans called her their fitness inspiration.

"Love this setup!" one person wrote. "Honestly you are my favorite fitness role model out here! This workout looks like a killahhh."

Others seemed intimidated by the circuit's apparent difficulty but seemed eager to attempt it anyway.

"Trying to kill us!" another added before including a crying laughing and fire emoji to their comment. "Definitely giving this a try tomorrow!!"

"Yeeess Girl, definitely gonna try this tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT. Thanks!!! @krissycela," a third Instagram user wrote.

"I love your workouts," a fourth gushed. "They are so creative. Thanks, Krissy."