May 20, 2020
UFC Fighter Paige VanZant Poses Naked In The Hallway Of Her Home

Paige VanZant went back to her trend of posting nude at-home photos. In her latest Instagram update, she was photographed naked as she stood in the hallway of her home along with her husband and their dog.

Last month, the UFC fighter went viral for her series of clothes-free snaps captured from her home, and VanZant continued that series with her post on Tuesday night. She stood in the doorway of her home with her husband, Austin Vanderford, and while the two had no clothes, they did have hats.

VanZant wore her blond hair up in a ponytail and had her back to the camera. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant faced forward with her husband standing in front of her. His body was turned to the side and his head was down to look at the couple's dog who was on a leash. It appeared they were getting ready to take the pooch for a walk.

The 26-year-old model was nude except for a pair of black sandals and a strategically-placed sombrero that she held with her left hand to cover her backside. The hat had "Rose All Day" embroidered on it. Vanderford's naked body was mostly concealed for the camera by his wife. He had on nothing but a dark toque that sat on the very top of his head, and a pair of white sneakers and athletic socks. In VanZant's caption, she joked that wearing clothes was not the couple's "thing."

This latest nude photograph caught the attention of the flyweight fighter's 2.5 million Instagram followers. More than 93,000 people found their way to the "like" button in just over 19 hours after the snap went live. VanZant received over 1,100 comments as multiple fans pondered who the person behind the camera was. Several Instagram users mentioned they would like to see more pictures in this vein -- but without Vanderford.

"So who's taking the photos? Y'all got a third person in there?" a follower asked.

"I feel sorry for your dog-has to live through all this," one person joked.

Multiple fans voiced their displeasure with the in-the-buff snap, but others came to the couple's defense.

"Lmao!! Only young once!! Live it up!!!" a supportive fan wrote.

"Cute. I love young married couples. I wish you both the best," a female follower replied.

As covered by The Inquisitr, VanZant posted a naked photo last month where she and her hubby used a wine glass and a book to censor their nudity. That post earned over 87,000 likes.