May 20, 2020
Hagen Mills Dead, 'Baskets' Actor Dies In Alleged Murder-Suicide Attempt

Hagen Mills is dead. Us Magazine reported that the actor died by suicide on Tuesday, May 19 after allegedly trying to murder the mother of his child in Kentucky. He was 29 years old. The Mayfield Police Department in Kentucky responded to a residence on Tuesday night following a 911 call suggesting that a woman had been shot. Erica Price, who is 34, suffered gunshot wounds to her arm and chest and met police outside her home.

After meeting police, Price told them that Mills was the shooter and that he was still inside the house. She also said that he had turned the gun on himself. Following the incident, Price was transferred to the hospital for treatment and is currently in stable condition. Mills was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. Price shared a daughter with the Baskets actor.

Mills Held His Daughter And Price's Mother In The Home Until She Returned

Police later learned that Mills had been waiting for Price to return home. When she did, the actor shot her and then killed himself. Price's mother and their child were reportedly unharmed following the confrontation.

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that Mills' mother said that he had been living in Hollywood until recently, when he returned to Kentucky. His mother also said that although he loved acting, his true passion was for his 4-year-old daughter. The outlet said that arrangements have already been made for Mills' funeral.

Mills Was Best Known For His Role In 'Baskets,' But He Also Acted In Other Projects

In addition to Baskets, Mills also appeared in Involuntarily Single, Swedish Dicks, Ashley, Puncture Wounds, and Billy the Kid: New Evidence. His most recent role was in Star Light, a movie that's set to release in August.

He also starred in a variety of short films, including Remnant, A Standard Story, Magazine Money, Abyss of Being, and Downhill. Mills' agent Elyah Doryon last spoke with the actor in April 2018 and remembered his abilities as an actor fondly. She described him as a "talented actor and horseman with that classic Southern hospitality and charm" in an interview with Page Six. The two last spoke before Mills returned to Kentucky.

Although he continued to work, Mills stopped posting on his social media accounts in 2017. His last tweet was posted in February of that year, and he has a private Instagram account.

On Twitter, Mills spent the majority of his time posting about his daughter, who he first introduced to the platform in February 2016.

"I love this blue eyed baby girl more than anything else in this world," he wrote in April of that year, saying that his daughter's name was Mila.

There has been no attempt from any party to explain Mills' actions, and no indication as to what may have triggered his decision to act Tuesday night. Police are reportedly investigating the incident between Price and Mills as an attempted murder-suicide. They did not release any additional details on Mills' motivations that may have been attained from their interview with Price.

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