May 20, 2020
Joselyn Cano's Cleavage Is Practically Bursting Out Of Lacy, Black Top

Model, fashion designer and Instagram star Joselyn Cano knows her way around swimwear. As her nearly 12 million IG followers can attest to, few bikini babes know how to flaunt their killer curves like Cano. However, that knowledge clearly extends to nightwear, too, as evidenced by her latest offering.

On May 20, Cano put the spotlight on her ample bosom with an Instagram photo featuring herself in a lacy, black top.

In the accompanying caption, Cano wrote about life's negative events actually putting us on a path toward bigger and better things, while offering a reminder to always "trust the process" and "keep a positive mind." Some might say that truer words have never been spoken, but if philosophy isn't your thing, Cano's cleavage in the shot may give you something to think about.

In the close-up snapshot, Cano was laying on her side with the weight of her body resting upon her left arm. Her long, dark hair flowed back from its part and was draped over her shoulder and arm on one side. Meanwhile, her hazel eyes seemingly popped out of the frame and her lips curved slightly, offering just a hint of a smile.

Cano's chest was barely contained by the lacy top that conformed to it. The black lace and white under layer perfectly framed her perky assets while fringed black threads seemingly tickled her midriff just below her bust line.

In just over 45 minutes after Cano uploaded the photo to Instagram, it had blown up to the point of notching well over 30,000 likes and prompting nearly 1,000 comments. Whether fans were there for Cano's philosophical musings or her curves, they overwhelmingly voiced their approval for the post.

"You're so right! I've had the same experience myself quite a handful of times. Thanks for sharing this Joselyn this was much needed! You look so gorgeous," wrote one fan.

"I love this quote, much love and stay safe babe," commented another.

"Gorgeous queen," opined another commenter, capturing the overall tone of the thread.

Cano has been thrilling fans with a variety of snapshots showing off her body's incredible curvature and sinuous form as of late. As reported by The Inquisitr, the 29-year-old slayed in a photo post showing off her style in a semi-sheer, black bikini on May 19. That snapshot would eventually ping her notification box to the tune of nearly 135,000 likes and thousands of comments.

Clearly, Cano understands how to ignite her fanbase with skimpy pictorials.