Melissa Riso Says 'Good Morning' With Smoking-Hot Snap Of Herself Wearing A Silky Robe And Little Else

Melissa Riso greeted her Instagram followers this morning with a sexy snap of herself wearing a robe and very little else, and she asked them what their plans for the day were. Many of her fans seemed to appreciate the hot wake-up call.

In the image, Melissa stood in front of some greenery, a light, and a taupe wall. The actress wore a pastel grape-print silky robe, which she noted was from KORA Organics. The robe hung off her shoulders and was open in the front with no tie around it. She held the garment up with both hands, and her fingernails were long but did not seem to have polish on them. The pose gave viewers a glimpse of the model's ample cleavage but also allowed her to protect her modesty. It appeared as if she wore very little underneath the robe.

Melissa wore her long brown hair straight, and it cascaded down her back from her slightly tilted head. Her face seemed to have some makeup that accented her features, and her long black eyelashes curled upward from her closed eyes in the picture. Her full lips seemed to have a slight tint, and her skin looked flawless in the well-lit shot. She kept accessories simple, wearing a short, thin gold chain with small charms dangling from it.

In the caption, the celebrity hairstylist admitted she hoped to have the willpower to keep herself from eating a donut today, which seemed to be her main plan for Wednesday. Her fans appreciated the post, with over 2,500 hitting the "like" button and dozens taking the time to leave a comment. The flame and heart emoji frequently appeared throughout the replies, indicating that many people loved the hot picture.

"I would like to accomplish self-control by eating a pizza to myself. But in a controlling kind of way," joked one follower.

"You look AMAZING Baby, I would love to accomplish being able to be right by your side," a second person wrote, along with several heart emoji.

"Me, controlling my urge to stare at your pics and Melissa's urge to devour multiple donuts = MISERABLE FAIL!!!!" reported a third Instagrammer.

"Eat the donut....treat deserve it. Life is too short!" a fourth fan advised.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Melissa sat poolside in a gorgeous turquoise bikini while she had fun with a large pool floaty that she said she fell in love with at first sight. Likewise, her fans approved of this update.