May 20, 2020
Nina Dobrev Wears Tiny Denim Shorts & Posts Pics From Her 'QuaranTrip'

Nina Dobrev decided to take to the road and enjoy her quarantine by turning it into an adventurous "#QuaranTrip." On Wednesday afternoon, she uploaded three pics from her adventure to share with her 19.7 million Instagram followers.

In the first photo, Dobrev posed in front of the "Welcome to Nevada" sign. She showed off her long legs by wearing a pair of denim cut-offs with frayed edges. She paired her tiny shorts with a white T-shirt and a sunhat.

Her dark hair looked windswept as it appeared a breeze blew through while she was getting her picture taken. On her feet, the Fam actress wore white socks and tennis shoes. She stood shoulder-width apart while facing away from the camera but then twisted her torso so she could look back into the lens. The camera appeared to be situated somewhere close to the ground since Dobrev had to look down.

The second image showed the 31-year-old standing in front of the Arizona state sign. She faced the camera and extended her arms forward in a pointing gesture. She wore the same outfit as the first, except she exchanged her short shorts for form-fitting black athletic pants, and she accessorized with a pair of sunglasses.

Since she was facing the camera for the second pic, it became evident that her shirt had a mouth with the tongue sticking out patterned similarly to the American flag in red, white, and blue emblazoned across the front. It looked like it might have been a version of The Rolling Stones logo.

For the final snapshot, Dobrev did a handstand with her legs spread wide while in front of the "Welcome to Utah" state sign. It seemed that all three photos might have been taken on the same day, and it looked to be a beautiful weather in each snap as the sky was deep blue with minimal cloud cover.

In her caption, the actress joked that if she had to stay away from other people and stay at home, it was not a bad idea to live out of a tent and go on a trip.

The photo set proved to be very popular with her many fans. Within an hour of going live, Dobrev's post had racked up over 249,000 likes, including by her best friend and fellow celebrity Julianne Hough.

Her admirers also took to her comments section and quickly left more than 1,400 messages, the majority of which were positive.

"Hope u brought @mrs.maverick with u tho cause she's probably bored in the house and in the house bored," joked one person, referring to Dobrev's dog.