May 20, 2020
YouTuber Kristin Johns Provides Health Update After Being In A Horrific Hit And Run While On A Bike Ride

It's been one week since YouTube couple Kristin and Marcus Johns were involved in a horrific hit and run and sustained serious injuries. While Marcus has already been released from the hospital, Kristin was only just discharged this week. She provided a health update through an Instagram video on Wednesday.

Kristin sustained a broken femur because of the accident among other injuries and required surgery. She has struggled to stand without passing out which is why she has had to remain in the hospital, despite desperately wanting to be with her family. Luckily, she was finally given the joyful news that she would be discharged and allowed to return home on Wednesday. In the video's caption, the 25-year-old expressed her relief regarding her release and thanked her friends and followers for praying for her.

"Yesterday I was finally approved to GO HOME!!! I was finally able to stand without passing out after multiple attempts a day & passing out over 14 times in an 8 day span. I was beginning to have severe anxiety about standing because of the pressure I felt that it held on me being able to go home, the excruciating pain & just the fact that passing out is NOT an enjoyable experience to say the least. I am so happy to tell you guys that I made it home safe last night."
She continued on to express her gratitude that she was finally able to shower with the help of her mother and a wheelchair. She explained that she had relied on her faith and the positive messages she received from fans to get her through the dark days she spent alone in the hospital, unable to have visitors due to COVID-19.

According to People, Kristin and Marcus are still gathering knowledge about the person who hit them with his vehicle. The pair were riding their bicycles in a residential area of Los Angeles, California when they heard a vehicle approaching behind them. Although they swerved to get out of the way, the driver struck them and kept going. The suspect was reportedly involved in a robbery and had been fleeing from the police at the time. They have shared no further information regarding the name of the driver or whether or not he had been taken into custody.

Depending upon the severity of the case, a hit and run could result in a felony charge.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, former Bachelor Chris Soules was arrested for his involvement in a fatal hit and run that occurred in 2017. He received two years of probation.