May 20, 2020
Nata Lee Lays Naked On The Sand At The Beach, Flaunts Her 'Perfect Tan'

Nata Lee shared a sizzling pic with her 5.2 million Instagram followers on Wednesday. The stunning model teased her fans with a breathtaking nude photograph from her upcoming photo set for Mavrin Mag. She tagged the official magazine account and the Instagram pages of Alexander Mavrin, Mavrin Studios, and Mavrin Studios co-owner Cosmos in the shot.

In the pic, the model laid on her stomach while stretched out across the white sand. The crystal-clear turquoise water could be seen behind her, slowly lapping at the shoreline. According to Lee's caption, the photo shoot took place in the Maldives.

Despite her nudity, the overall vibe of the photograph was more sultry and sensual than explicit. Even though she wasn't wearing any clothing, the stunner did not showcase any private parts beyond her toned derrière.

She rested her hands flat on the sand in front of her while looking down. The photograph captured her horizontal form from the side, allowing her to flaunt her incredible backside. Lee also displayed a little sideboob from beneath her arms. The swell of her breast was visible in the window formed by her outstretched limbs.

Lee's face was mostly hidden in shadow, so it was difficult to tell if the model was wearing any makeup for the photo shoot, but her hair looked sleek and shiny in the bright sunlight. A few stray tendrils appeared to break loose in what was likely a breeze coming off the sea. The rest of her long locks cascaded down her back.

In her caption, Lee promoted her upcoming photoset with Mavrin Mag.

"Soon enough the second part of my photo set from the Maldives will be available," she wrote.

She advised her fans to check out some of the other photosets featuring different models from the same magazine shoot.

"You'll finally find out how the standard of a perfect tan looks like," she wrote.

In her comments section, Lee commented on her own post with an assortment of hashtags of different locations, including Florence, Italy, and Disneyland.

Lee's latest photograph proved to be a massive hit with her loyal fan base. Within an hour, it had racked up more than 139,000 likes and over 1,300 comments.

"I'm all over it!! Centerfold? I'd love a poster of this shot on my wall!" exclaimed one excited fan.

"Had to look closer, thought you were supergirl flying," another admirer joked.

"WOW what a beautiful shot. You are gorgeous," gushed a third devotee.