May 20, 2020
Michie Peachie Shows Off Pert Posterior In Snug Black Shorts For 'Side-Booty' Workout

Michie Peachie gave her fans some lower body workout ideas in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

Rocking a snug black crop top and matching shorts, Michie kneeled in front of a couch at the start of the exercise and then leaned forward to place her elbows on the comfy-looking piece of furniture. With two matching yellow cushions under her feet and a blue resistance band around her ankles, Michie slid her legs apart, stretching the band as she did so.

Michie also assumed a kneeling position at the start of the next video, but this time, she leaned her upper body backward and propped herself up with her arms. She positioned the band slightly below her knees and placed the cushions beneath them. Keeping her feet close together, Michie then spread her knees, gliding the cushions across the floor during the movement.

In the third video of the series, Michie leaned forward and placed her elbows on the ground and kept the cushions under her knees. With the band just above her shins, she slid her knees away from each other, keeping her torso and hips raised off the floor as she did so.

Next, Michie got into a push-up position and alternated sliding each foot out to the side with a cushion underneath each of them. And finally, in the fifth video of the series, she lowered her torso and hips to the floor and then slid both cushions simultaneously with her feet.

In her caption, Michie wrote that the circuit was meant to target the "side booty" and instructed her fans to do each exercise until failure and to repeat the circuit four times. She also wrote that socks or towels could be used as gliders instead of pillows.

The post has accumulated more than 14,000 likes, as of this writing and more than 120 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans expressed their gratitude for the workout videos.

"Awesome video! Thank you for these tips, Michie," one fan wrote before adding a string of emoji to the comment.

"@michie_peachie always gives the best home workouts to keep us in shape during quarantine! Love it,"

Michie got compliments on her chiseled figure as well.

"That's why you got dose buns of steel," a third commenter added.

"Insane girl!! Always look so stunning and strong," a fourth wrote, adding a heart-eye and black heart emoji to the end of their sentence.