May 20, 2020
Michelle Money & Daughter Brielle Talk About Teen's Accident & Recovery

Former Bachelor in Paradise star Michelle Money took to her Instagram page on Tuesday with her teen daughter Brielle to talk about the serious accident the family navigated nearly two months ago. At the end of March, Brielle had a frightening skateboarding accident, and now she's opening up to Michelle's followers and answering some questions.

When Michelle first opened up to fans on March 30 about Brielle's accident, she asked for prayers and said that the teen was in the intensive care unit. Brielle was in a coma for almost two weeks and things looked dire for a while.

Then, Brielle regained consciousness, and she went home on April 24. Now, for the first time, she has opened up about the incident and shared details about what she did and did not remember from that month-long hospitalization.

The video that Michelle posted on her Instagram page was just over 14 minutes long. She said that it had been seven weeks since the accident. The duo said that Brielle is doing really well, especially considering how bad the accident and injuries were.

In fact, Brielle already tested out of physical therapy. At this point, they explained that she is still doing both speech therapy and occupational therapy, but overall, her recovery has been remarkable.

During the clip, Michelle opened up about the day of the accident, and Brielle noted that she doesn't remember anything about it. They explained that Brielle hit her head on the cement so hard that both sides of her brain were bruised.

Brielle was alone when the accident happened, and neighbors soon found her and rushed to help. Michelle said that thanks to security camera footage, they were able to determine that Brielle had fallen about 13 minutes before she was found.

Brielle also said that she doesn't remember anything from her time in a coma. In fact, the teen doesn't remember anything else from the day of the accident, even from earlier in that day. She even said if she hadn't been told she'd been in a coma, she'd have had no idea.

Ultimately, Brielle was in the hospital for 26 days before she got to head home. She said that she doesn't remember anything from that time other than some bits and pieces from the last week or so that she was there. This is completely normal, Michelle noted, but essentially Brielle feels like a month of her life is gone.

They said that every day Brielle gets better and better. However, they note, she did suffer a significant brain injury, and every day they come across a few hangups regarding what she cannot do.

Brielle said she has learned a lot from this experience and it seems it has given her a lot of motivation and clarity about where she wants to head in the future. She said that now she wants to go to Stanford, and Michelle said that Brielle's perspective has totally shifted since the accident.

The short-term memory struggles and focus issues do frustrate Brielle, she explained. The teen has to step away from sports and most physical activities, something she clearly is not crazy about.

Michelle's daughter also cannot hear in her right ear and has a fracture both in that ear and the back of her nose. They expect that the ear will heal on its own. Brielle's sense of taste has been off since the accident, too.

All things considered, Brielle is doing amazingly well and seems to be bubbly and happy these days. Bachelor in Paradise fans followed Michelle's updates closely throughout those difficult days in April, and people are thrilled to see the teen doing so well now.